The old warrior who was in a place of honour moved so where sit the ceremony leader and lifted his white eyebrow, and showing the sticking index finger and said: "Yes, I killed, but only one soldier!" In response to the veteran, the entire hall laughed. He continued to answer further: "But who thought count that how many of these villains we killed. But I definitely remember one soldier'. He added these words to the first answer. The whole audience in the Holl clapped for a long time with applause". I like to mention these lines very catching my mind.

It is of Editor few words for short story 'Yergeshbai'

(Editor short story 'Yergeshbai' Dr. Ezhil Vendhan is a celebrated poet from India and he writes in English and Hindi besides, in his mother tongue Tamil. He is author of two published poetry collections and many of his poems find place in many International Poetry Anthologies. The poem entitled 'Banyan Tree’ is an acclaimed masterpiece of Dr.Ezhil Vendhan’s writings. He is a member and Vice-President World Nations Writers' Union)




  • Tungyshbai Turegeldiev
  • Translated by Kairat Duissenov Parman
  • Edited by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


In club Auyl* (village) going dedicated ceremony for winners of 75th years Great Victory Country War, people doing meeting old soldier which the live 95 years. In the club is full of people. There were as very many schoolchildren among people. A veteran of the war, despite he is life at for almost an as hundred years, he peppy, agile. If you do not pay attention that he threw his weight, he is not yet stooping, keeps himself straight. Of course, his walking and movement became slower, but he thinks and speaks clearly as before. Despite many years passed, his long-standing military strict discipline remained in his action. He speaks short and answers clearly. After a while, right from the middle of the sedentary, one swarthy girl raised her hand, and when she was allowed to ask questions, she is a stand and asked:

"The dear veteran grandfather, please tell me, in war do you killed German soldier?"

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