Kill me

Bangladesh poet Aminur Rahman is one of the most famous poets in the world. He is the winner of many international competitions, a member of the World nation writers 'union and the chief representative of World nation writers' union in Bangladesh, founded in 2014 in Kazakhstan (Almaty).

He is was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1966 and graduated with an M-PHARM [acy] degree. At present he is considered to be one the most well know poet in abroad from Bangladesh. He has published six collections of poems in Bangla.

His work has been translated in more than twenty five languages and has poetry books in English (4), Spanish (3), German, Japanese, Mongolian and Arabic. He is a renowned writer and art critic and has three prose books in his credit.

As an accomplished translator he has translated ten books of poetry and edited few poetry magazines and books including SAARC Anthology of poems and short stories. As an invited author, Aminur Rahman has read his work world-wide at various international arts & literary festivals, universities and cultural venues. He has represented Bangladesh in the Poetry Festival in Colombia, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, Iraq, Japan, Sri Lanka, Spain, Nicaragua etc. He was Awarded Chinggish Khaan Gold Medal (2006), Heaven Horse Award (2015) in Mongolia, Numera World Award of Letters (2016) in Malaysia, Contribution Award for International Poetry (2016) in Taiwan. His official web site,


Love: 1


A lot of difficulty

everything seems aimless


a waste of time.

Without understanding

without giving

my heart is stiff

even though, all is clear.


Love: 2


With eyes closed

I make a diamond-choice

My heart is blissful

Though everything is lost.


Love: 3


You love me quietly,

why then the abruptness

in you?

I am a lowly poet,

a picture without colour



Love: 5


My heart’s sky contains you, Nilima

A star beyond the galaxy

A lotus in the river

Emerging as a new woman.


Love: 6


Love flies away

flies, flies to touch you

After touching you, returns

to my lips

But still it seems

some of it is given and some not.

Love still remains

in your heart.


Love: 7


For so long, I’ve been searching for you

in this alley and that lane

The result, always negative.

In a crowd seeking shelter from heavy rains

In a nest where a bird heats her hatchings

If I find you, my own piece of diamond

I shall return to my village

set up home with my beloved.

I shall work my heart out, and

there will remain no folds in my life.

Only you shall remain, my love.


Life: 1


Continuous endless

Structure less blue sky.

Womb’s life

an all-conquering river.

Undesired rumours

Melt-fluid ganja

Humans are killer-machines

that lead to epidemic, the end.


Life: 2


Just a while back, I

was very far away from my own senses --

where exactly I was,

I do not remember.

A few moments from my life

merged with the wind with a mere blow

from my mouth.

Was I eating, walking, or was I

making love to a woman?

No, no, I remember nothing.

I cannot remember anything,

not even

my own lost time.


The sculpture 


From the mist’s dense cape

I carve your body’s shape --

gently sculpting, all morning.

With my eyes shut, I sit

amid the fog’s heavy sheets

as its frost settles

on my cheek, ear, and nose.

The same hands,

the same lips, the same eyes --

I find them with such ease --

Your torso floats on that river;

I shall conquer its flow.

Your figure blossoms, freeing itself,

leaving behind sun’s light

and fog’s ephemeral body.

You’re entwined with my soul --

its root, plinth, and depth.


Kill me


Kill me with your dedicated heart.

Reduce me to smithereens through your act of sex.

Murder me with madman’s madness.

Burn me in your heart.

Kill me through your creativity.

Annihilate me with the wet-foam of sex.

Destroy me with your erogenous zones.

Tear me apart with your love.

Bite me bite my crotch.

Embrace me in my death’s ecstasy.