Oh Sea

Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Currently, the president of the World Union of Poets for Pakistan, is a Pakistani female poet, writer, translator, research analyst, and blogger. She was born on 15th April in Karachi. She did Masters in English Literature from University of Karachi after completing BSC (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University. In her quest to explore her interest and skills in writing, she started composing her poems on diverse topics such as nature, human existence, human behaviours, society, and many others. Her understandings and thought work resulted in some literary work that she started publishing online through her websitewww.writcrit.com. She also manages her facebook page www.facebook.com/syedahmaryamiqbal/ and is also a member of various literary groups along with Contemporary Literary Society of Amlor, Banda (U.P. India). Her work can be traced back to July 2016, she has appeared in many international anthologies and literary journals. Her poems made people to see the world through her eyes, walk through her dreams and ponder over aspects that are ignored in our daily lives. She not only writes her own poems in English but also translates poems from Urdu to English.

Oh sea,
carry me to your core,
Make me yours and
I want no more.

I won’t be like
your waves for sure,
Who always love
to runaway for shore,

You will have
nothing to deplore.

Just bestow me
with the wings of water,
that have no extinction to offer,
that have no purity improper.

That will enable me to explore,
Your currents, your tides
ad your ocean floor,
I will never leave you
in tsunami, whirlpool,
sea storm or more.

As they are yours
because you keep them all in store,

I have not made this plea
for you to ignore.
Make me yours and
I want no more.