Dr.Ezhil Vendhan is a celebrated poet from India and a recipient of numerous international accolades. He has been honoured with the ‘World Laureate in Literature 2017’ by the World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan and ‘World Icon of Peace’ by World Institute of Peace, Nigeria for his contribution to the world literature. The ‘Fellow of the Regal World of Scribes’ and ‘Enchanting Muse’ have been conferred on him by the Writers’ Corner, India during the World Poetry Festival in October 2017. The poem entitled 'Banyan Tree’ is an acclaimed masterpiece of Dr.Ezhil Vendhan’s writings. Its original Tamil version was selected as the best Tamil poem at the Multi -Lingual Poets Symposium 1995 held in New Delhi, in conjunction with the Indian Republic Day.

This poem was translated into eighteen languages and was simultaneously broadcasted around the world through the All India Radio channels on the eve of India’s Republic Day. The Hindi version of this poem was published in the magazine Bhasha by the Central Hindi Directorate of India. Later, the poem was translated into Kannada language and it was published by the Karnataka Sahithya Academy in its magazine Aniketana. The poems, ‘To be born a Woman’ and ‘River’ were also translated from their original Tamil language into Punjabi and Kannada languages. The Punjabi version was launched by the Punjabi Sahitya Academy in Ludhiana, along with the Central Classical Institute of Tamil and the Kannada versions were published in the Kannada literary magazines Subhajyothi and Aniketana. The original Tamil version of the poem ‘River’ was published in the magazine Tamilarasu by the Tamil Nadu state government, while the Kannada version was subsequently published by the Karnataka Sahithya Academy literary magazine Aniketana. It is interesting to note that these accolades were given at a crucial point when there was a river water dispute existing between the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This ‘People’s Poet’ uncompromisingly echoes and records the murmurs of all the neglected sections of the people which had gone unnoticed, unheard and unheeded. The voice of the universe communicates through this poet. He deserves all adulations that he has been showered with from all quarters for being the poet of the people.


I am a genus rare bird,

swan my name itself sounds as to sing.

A rare poetical bird

with wisdom and supreme spirit.

I sing melodiously for all

but I have no chance to sing

to the tunes of anyone.


I have been here on this globe

dating thousands of years back

but birds of my kind

are endangered and to extinct now.


My great wings span longer

with rather bigger plumages.

My indifferent beak with serrated edges

could drink only the milk alone

from a mixture of milk and water.


An aquatic bird of passage,

I’m always in water

but never allow my feathers to wet,

as I detach from worldly things.


I a symbol of love,

light, fidelity, and intelligence.

Having high prudence

between good and bad

eternal and transient,

I’m a hallmark of purity par excellence.


I akin to pearls, if offered

I have the ability to devour.

As I’m a symbol of love

paramours prefer me

as the messenger to their sweet heart

to convey the emotions.


Unique I’m, unlike others,

I mate with my pair

of my own choice until my last breath

and be a potent cob with my pen.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan



Genus of bird I am

perch not in trees or bushes

but flying down from heaven,

identified by the long descending whistle,

undulating dive-bombing flight.


I forage on the earth for my foodstuff

crouch and take to shuttle

roost at dawn alighting on the ground.

My song flight soaring up

with tweets its unique,

diving with slightly closing my wings,

and then rising up in a glide.


My undulating flight hang out

by a long whistle at each dive

and at the tip of each rise

by a sharp chirpy note.


I descend at an angle and landing,

on mounds trying to reach out you

only for your rejoinder

and flying high again

after waiting for a moment.


Thunders, lightning, rain,

quaker, tsunami and on and on

are mundane for me,

nothing could annoy or exasperate me.


I want to witness from the clouds

nothing but unadulterated breeze,

serene natural water,

the boon of planet earth,

hills and forests ever green animals

of all kind moving around

care free without fear .


I have no language

but other than universal tweets

welcoming love, peace

and spring all the while.


I presumably trust in you,

infinitesimal I am understood.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan



I am a little bird,

sparrow inhabit around humans dwell.

Since all dear ones like my traits

people call me locale bird,

house bird flying everywhere,

uneasy to catch me anywhere.

Our pair bond is unique

irrespective of sex

preserving the offspring

is not unisex.


I am a finch, a refuge bird,

unknowingly that I may seek asylum

for life at a period of hi tech time

on the rise of microwave radiation .


Now the life of our species itself

endangered and at the edge of extinction

due to urbanization and pollution.

I do no harm to anyone

but only to make

the life cycle of the nature

completes its own.


No hidden in mind and heart

as no one could enjoy such an immunity,

I’m citadel of freedom and liberty.


Great poets celebrate me

as I’m carefree, frank and open,

I won’t hide myself on any situation.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan



I am a bird of fire

resurrecting in ashes and losses.

Long-living bird I am

my life is cyclically regenerated

and I am reborn every moment.


I am for a change

since change is the unchanging phenomena

of this universe forever.


Death or end never approaches me

as I am the bird of resurrection.

In the passage of time

I keep myself fit updated,

shed my feathers

outdated setting ablaze.

I overcome all such moments

related being an eternal entity.


I am not definite about the form

as I may be visible in any form

but firm and assertive on my content

which proceeds to progress and further.


I may loose my mass

but energy remains constant

even after transformations

as my speed is in multiples faster than light.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan


I am a song bird Chakravakam

the very name reveals I am a raga,

the musical scale

in Indian classical music.

I am also called the Ruddy goose.

I always take flight upwards

scaling the heights up above the skies.


I never have the chance

of touching the ground

even in search of food for me.

The unpolluted nectar,

the rain is my food

drinking it drop by drop.


I keep my little beak

always open upwards

so never bow down

even for taking my food.


The rain comes

whenever I start my song

and wherever I fly.


I lay my eggs wherever I am

they hatch down the way

without touching the ground.


I come down

to take my chicks

along with me to fly high.

I enjoy the pleasure of heaven

as I am blessed

to have the company of angels


Clouds are my messengers

take my lyrics to their ears.

© Dr Ezhil Vendhan