Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Tyran Prizren Spahiu was born in 1954, Kosovo and he graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature at Prishtina University-Kosovo. He was awarded Poet of the year by Pegasus Albania.He authored one novel, Never Back Again and eight Poetic Verses book in addition to Dream Language English Grammar-Visual English Dictionary. He is a wonderful, passionate, artist, he possesses deep knowledge and high literary skills in the art of prose. In his works he unveiled the major issues of the day, he brings time to its dimensions, building a powerful world of thoughts, psyche and great ideas. His philosophy is simple but captive and quite transparent. He brought to the readers, the great truth, he  thus comes as a true style of modern Albanian prose, with a very penetrating view and full of psychoanalytic colours. He builds fairly clear phrases and gives them freedom with plenty of art, creative craftsmanship and obviously many vital types of nectar. He comes among us as a prominent and innovative novelist, where his creative artwork combines with plenty of proficiency with reality of time and people. His novel Never Back Again,is undoubtedly a valuable and serious contribution to modern Albanian and Worldwide prose. The author proves to be a creative, demanding and highly skilled artist. His prose is a new achievement, which gives the author the right to be ranked among the most renowned and capable of the new modern literary names. Tyran Prizren Spahiu, is the most active representative of World Nations Writers' Union, in Kosovo.

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani from Pakistan, is a Poet, teacher and councilor. He has master degree in English languages and literature from Punjab University of Pakistan. Since 7 years he is utilizing his experience in teaching English as a second language in international schools and private institutions. Currently he is working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The world in which he was born and brought up inspired him to work for human's welfare and excited his soul to dwell deep into the seas of ecstatic words and realms of spiritual poetry. He has published his poetry book (Enchanting Verses of Love) which is a collection of love and spiritual poems. Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani is a member of World Union of Poets, Pentasy B World poetry and friendship group. On social media he has been emerged as a prominent love Poet, by participating and winning several poetry competitions. He was awarded from different institutes as a Poet and humble worker of peace and humanity. He has been working on different peace projects locally and internationally. His work and efforts have been recognized.

Rohini Kumar Behera

Rohini Kumar Behera is a bilingual Poet in Odia and English languages . His poems have been published in Odia Magazines and in English Poetry Anthologies e.g., " My Sweetest Love " by Chita Lele , " Spring : The Season of Love " by Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury , " Symphony of Souls " by Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary , " Poetic Rainbow " by Vishwabharati Research Centre , " Symphony Of Peace " by Prof . P. Gopichand / Prof. P. Nagasuseela, ' Ambrosia 'by Telengana Poets Forum and " LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT " by Rajdeep Chowdhury/ Monika Arora . His Poems have been translated into Urdu , Malayalam , Nagamese , Albanian , German and French languages by Poetic Dignitaries . He has retired from Odisha Government being in the Managerial and Gazetted Cadre after a qualifying 36 years . He has been awarded of Excellence for Group Administration in PoeMarium , Commendations Award for Best Motivator of Poetry and with great many Platinum , Gold , Silver Medals , Architects of Artistry Of Diction and Icons of Innovative Ideas Awards on various Categories from time to time . He has attended many National and International poetry Festivals and Conferences as Office-bearer and Member . The Spectrum Publication House , UK has recognized him as " Outstanding Performer " in January , 2017 . The World Institute For Peace , Nigeria , Africa has Awarded him by Appointing him as " AMBASSADOR OF PEACE " for Odisha State of India . The World Institute For Peace (WIP) , Nigeria , Africa has awarded him the Prestigious Award of " WORLD ICON OF PEACE " for his contributions in the field of Poetry and Literature . Konark Odisha Parivar of Odisha State of India has awarded him " KONARK ODISHA SAMMAN " for his services and contribution in Poetry and Literature sectors . He has been Awarded with Ambassador of Humanity and Manager of Hafrikan Prince World (HPAW) , Nigeria . He has been Appointed as " AMBASSADOR AT LARGE " of India Branch , Asia Continent by World Institute For PEACE , Nigeria , Africa . He has been Appointed and Awarded by Human Rights Council & Crime Intelligence Force as PEACE AMBASSADOR & POETRY , LITERATURE MOTIVATOR for Younger Generation and University Students for Services rendered towards Human Rights , Crime , Corruption & WORLD PEACE . He has been Appointed as the Secretary of Literati Council of India for the cause of Literature and onLine Newspaper and Magazine . He has been Appointed as Ambassador At Large , India Branch by Mr. Ismail Akinlade Yusuf , Founder and C.E.O., Focus Media , Nigeria for his impact on Humanity through his creativity . The World Institute For Peace ( WIP ) , Nigeria has conferred on him the most Prestigious " WORLD EPITIOME OF HUMANITY " Award for promoting PEACE through global education reform . The Literati Cosmos Society , Mathura (UP) has bestowed upon him The Lifetime Achievement Award and Sahitya Shiromoni Award for promotion of Literature and Inspiring the budding Writers and Poets

Alfred Assisi

Alfred Assisi takes his name from Francisco de Asís, saint and poet, due to the incalculable values ​​of the nobility of his spirit and his dedication to humans, animals and nature. Walking through the paths of this land enters the most remote corners to extract the purest feeling, tear the past and investigate the sciences attached to the elements that inhabit, inhabit and inhabit these floors. Once the poet's visions have been transformed, he transfers them to paper, to photography, to the diaporamas and to the filming that he begins to present in educational establishments in the country, reaching isolated places in civilization, in which he imparts his teachings, opening a horizon broader and more generous among students of schools in northern and southern Chile since 1970. He began writing during the decade of the 60's in his school moments. The lyrics begin to fill their books, transforming into poetry the countless landscapes that it has been seen in thousands of kilometers traveled. This is how he presents, in addition, photographic exhibitions in different cities of Chile, usually accompanied by allusive texts and thoughts that go beyond physical vision, taking the imagination to the natural poetry that emanates from his own conscience with the feeling that makes it characteristic. Let his works rest and dedicate himself to highlight the literary values ​​of consecrated, emerging and children who begin in the letters beginning to call these to participate in world anthology and compilation works, honoring poets and characters who have left a trace in the world with his delivery, fight and literary works. Innumerable institutions have supported these world works which have been presented in literary stages, universities, cultural centers and emblematic places representing universal cultures such as Machupicchu in Peru and Isla Negra in Chile

Ashok Bhargava

Ashok Bhargava is a poet, writer, community activist, public speaker, management consultant and a keen photographer. Based in Vancouver, he has published several collections of his poems: Riding the Tide, Mirror of Dreams, A Kernel of Truth, Skipping Stones, Half Open Door and Lost in the Morning Calm. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. Ashok is a Poet Laureate and poet ambassador to Japan, Korea and India. He is founder of WIN: Writers International Network Canada. Its main objective is to inspire, encourage, promote and recognize writers of diverse genres, artists and community leaders. He has received many accolades including Nehru Humanitarian Award for his leadership of Writers International Network Canada, Poets without Borders Peace Award for his journeys across the globe to celebrate peace and to create alliances with poets, and Kalidasa Award for creative writings.