Naila Hina

Naila Hina hails from Pakistan, she is a former instructor at Navy engineering University and a manager in top notch firms. She is humantarian and friend of the world. She is the Director General of World Press Agency at Pakistan Chapter,  and APCESX business group, USA. She holds a basic degree in mechanical engineering with MBA and CMA. She possesses a versatile personality, though she is a mechanical engineer yet she has a profound interest in literature and has been writing poems since her childhood. She authored a book titled Bahisht e Char Saat (The Paradise of A Few Moments), she wrote many articles, science fiction and fantasy; information production development and management are among her area of expertise.

Lіudmyla Diadchenko

Lіudmyla Diadchenko was born 2.08.1988. She did her master in Literary Creation from National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv in 2012. She gained Doctor of Philosophy (Theory of literature) in 20016.  She had been Art Editor of the "Suchasnist" journal, she worked as the Deputy of Chief Editor of “” journal. She is Vice President of Ukrainian Writers Association. She published her poems in international journals like - "Suchasnist", "SHO", "Courier Krivbas", "Dyvoslovo", “Artkaspi” (Azerbaijan), «Publishers Weekly» (United Arab Emirates); "Ukrainian literary newspaper". Anthology - "NEP: Night of erotic poetry" (2011), almanac of International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (2017), of 18th International Sapanca Poetry Evenings (2018), Terra Poetica (Minsk, 2016), The Language of The Sky (Tbilisi, 2016), other almanacs and online publications. She is the author of poetry collections: Fee For Access (2011), The Hen for Turkish Man (2017), which is one of the ten best Ukrainian books of the year. She has been bestowed upon many honours like   Marked by Oles Gonchar International Ukrainian-German Prize, Poetry of Pomegranate Tints won from Azerbaijan Diaspora Association, she participated in the 10th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (Turkey, 2017), the 18th International Sapanca Poetry Evenings (Turkey, 2018), The 11th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (Turkey, 2019), The 6th International poetry festival in Sidi bou Said (Tunisia, 2019). Some of her poems have been translated nto Georgian, Belarusian, Russian, English, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages. She also takes interest in mithopoetics, hermeneutics, and spatial studios. At present she lives and works in in Kyiv.

Dr. Jawaz Jaffri

Dr. AZADAR HUSSAIN JAWAz  (Pen Name Dr. Jawaz Jaffri) was born at Toba Tek Singh (Punjab, Pakistan) on  April 8, 1964. He did his Ph.D. in Urdu literature from University of the Punjab, Lahore in 2006. At present he is serving asProfessor at Govt. College of Science Lahore, he had been Chairman Urdu Department at Govt. M.A.O College, Lahore. He has profound interest in Creative Writing,  Criticism, Poetry, Drama writing, Column writing, Comparative Study of Religions, Historical and  Cultural Perspectives of Society, Relation between Sciences and Literature, Classical Music and Other Fine Arts. He owns a huge collection of classical music library. A sizeable books library is available in his study which is evident of his literary taste. Many of his poems have been translated by International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, China. He writes against war, his book “Mout Ka Haath Kalaie Per Hey” has been translated under the title “Wrist in the Clutches of Death” by Muhammad Shanazar, a Pakistani poet and translator. The poems of this book are also being translated in several other major languages of the world and also local languages (Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and Hindko). He has contributed another Anti-War poetry books in Urdu titled “Main Laam di Janj da Lahda han”, which has been translated by Harpreet Kaur and published in India by Nawi Dunia Publishers, Punjab, India. He wrote articles on international literary celebrities like Pablo Neruda, Toni Morrison, T. S Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Jan- Paul Sartre, Charles Baudelaire, Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, Kinza Br O, Gabriela Mistral, Salima Langrof, Harry Sinclair and Lu Xun, the great writer of Classical China have been published in daily Jang and Nawa-i-Waqt. Almost 20 books are in his credit as writer, he has been bestowed upon Pakistan’s prestigious Presidential Award (The National Human Rights Award, 2016). Besides, Presidential Award (The National Human Rights Award, 2016) he s the recipient of Special Shield for Peace by Ministry of Human Rights 2017 (Pakistan),    Quid-e-Azam Gold Medal (2015), Asian Cultural Associaon Award (2017), Harf Academy Awards (Quetta) and several other awards from all Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Symposiums and Speech Competitions   during academic span. He is a member of Pakistan Writers Guild, Pakistan, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad, Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq, Pakistan, Drama Scrutiny Committee, Punjab Arts Council, Lahore and Adabi Baithak, Lahore Arts Council, Lahore. He also had been President Sherani Society, Govt. College, Sheikhupura, President Urdu Society, University Oriental College, Lahore, Honorary Editor Quarterly Husn-e-Byan  Monthly Magazine, Karachi and Honorary Editor Monthly Magazine G News, UK. His major work consists of poetry, Dehleez pe Aankhain, Muthi Mein Tera Wada Khawab, Maut ka Hath Kalai par Hai, Mohabat khasara naheen, Umr-e-Rawan sey parey, Wrist in the Clutches of Death, Mera Dil Fakhta da Ahlna ay, Main Laam di Janj da Lardha han, Vasal say Khali Din, Mutbadil Dunia ka Khawb, Chiraghon se Bhari Galliyan, Asaan Sufny Sahvey rakhey and Ik Hijr Jo Ham Ko Lahaq Hai (Letters) which are read widely by the lovers of poetry. His research works include Urdu Adab Europe Aur America Mein, Iqbal Sajid Bataur Ghazal Go, Urdu Adab Europe Aur America Mein, Urdu ki Qadeem Bastian, Khaak se Uthny wala Fun, Urdu afsaane ka Maghribi Dareecha, Urdu Ghazal ka Maghrabi Daricha,Tassawarat, (Tehqiqi aur Tanqidi Mazamean), Asasa (Compiled by) The 1st poetic book of renowned poet Iqbal Sajid, Kulyat-e-Iqbal Sajid, Iqbal Sajid: Shakhsiat aur Fan and Kuliyat-e-Ustad Daman. Hs articles Bartanvi Danish Gahon Meinn Urdu Tadrees Ki Riwayat, Khak say Uthnay Wala Fann,Europe Aur America Mein Urdu Zaban ka Mustaqbil, Urdu Zaban kay Europi Shoara,  Mashriq Shanasi ki Rawait aur German Mustashreqeen, Arab Dunya ka Pehla Jang Mukhalif Shayer, Kahanat kay Tareekhi aur Takhliqi Zaaviey, Classiki Mausiqi: Dhurpad Say Khayal tak,, Lahore ki Adabi Rawait Mein Qahwa Khanon ka Kirdar, , Classiki Mausiqi mein Gharaney ka Tasawar, Classiki Mausiqi kay Pakistani Gharaney, Bar-e-Sagheer Mein Mausiqi ki Baithkon ki Rawait, Europe Aur America ki Urdu Ghazal, Donon Janib Syah Sulagta Sigret, Information Technology aur Kitab ka Mustaqbil, Maghrabi Tarz-e-Ahsas aur Is Kay Tashkili Anasir, Europe Aur America Kay Urdu Nazm Nigar, Kainati Shaur ky, Javed Shaheen Aik Ta’aruf, Shaeri, Science aur Falsafa, Tarikeen-e-Watan ki Nai Nasl aur Urdu ka Mustaqbil, Tarkeen-e-Watan ki Shaeri par Tanhai aur Begangi Kay Asraat, Tarkeen-e-Watan ki Shaeri aur Maghrabi Tarz-e-Ehsaas, Mout k Ghaat Utarty Mizamir, Narslon se aati Awazen,  Saazon ka Jahan,  Taar k Saazon ka Bawa Adam, Urdu Afsaane ma Kahani ki wapsi and Europe aur America k Urdu Nazam Nigaar were published in several national and international research journals. He is the writer of drama serials Dastak Na Do, Adh Khula Darwaza, Suragh, Teesri Aankh, Faisla, Shart and Painda. He also hosted TV Shows like Marsia aur Karbla, Naat Go, Bahattar Aik Taaruf, Reit pe Likhi Dastan and Comedy Café, among his Radio Shows are Share-o-Naghama, Teri Keven Akh Lag Gai, Sajjan Dey Hath Baan and Ratt Jagay.

Ibraim Džemail

Ibraim Džemail was born on August 12, 1954. In Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the Nikola Karev Gymnasium in Skopje, and then studied at St. Kliment Ohridski, also in Skopje. Iberim Dzemail is one of the founders. "Phralipe" Theater has long been an actor of the organization and as the President of the Theater. In 1979, with a group of intellectuals, he formed the downtown JBTito Club and was the club's premiere and was very active and active. In 1986, he translated Kosturicin's filename "Dom za vesanje" together with Dr. Rajko Dzuric. He published his first book of poetry "Night Scarab" and another "Restoring the roots" 2015 Ibraim Jemail translated his collection of poetry from Romany into Macedonian. He also published the German language as well as the Serbian language in Kostolac, Serbia. In June 2018, the publisher "Phoenix" from Skopje, his new book on poetry "Archaic Feelings", was published in the Roma language in Macedonian and in August in the Roma language and in English. The same book was published in July 2018 in the publishing house "Majdan" from Kostolac, in the Serbian language. In October 2018, his next book, The Gods on the Spankers, appeared in the Serbian capital of Belgrade in the Roma and Serbian languages. In Belgrade, he was awarded a literary prize "Slobodan Berberski" for his lifetime work in the field of literature. He participates in numerous events in Macedonia and abroad. Ibraim Jemail won a literary prize in February 2019 in Macedonia, on the occasion of 1000 years of Roma exodus, Ibraim Jemail participated in a conference in India on 29 and 30 November 2018. Ibraim Jemail has published numerous songs in Macedonian and international literary journals. Since 2016 he has been a member of VS-NRV. In 2017, he received a certificate for completed language course in Romani language and culture.  In December 2018, Ibraim Jemail received a diploma from Mr. Akademikera Prof.Dr. Bajar Haliti for installation Human rights of Roma and Sinti in Europe. On January 28, 2019, Mr. Jamal entered the circle of writers "Zenti" in Montenegro. Furthermore, Mr. Jemail is a member of the IRU Committee - Vorld Communiti - Romanes Vorteer in Finland and a member of the Bosnian religious community. On 25 .05 2019 y. In Cupri, he received a life-life charter in the field of underground creativity. Dzemail participated in the International Poetry Festival of the Divine Woman in Belgrade, where he received the award from Mesopotamia in 2019. He participated in the European Champion of Poetry, Romania where he receives gold medal and laureate. In June 2019, Dzemail participated in Italy in Rome "La voce die Poeti" In July he participated in the World Festival "Poetski Sitezi 2019" in Bitola. In June he received a certificate for human rights and a humantar federation from India, and he receives a certificate for universal peace from the World and Egypt.

Ibraim Dzemail from January 2019. E free artist lives and works in Germany.


Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris

Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris is a Moroccan poet and novelist.  She was born in Salé, a city in North-western Morocco, on the right bank of the Bouregreg river, opposite the national capital Rabat. She studied in an Interpreter’s school in Mons, Belgium and is now working as a teacher of English. She writes in both French and English. She has to her credit two poetry collections; one in English and another in French and a novel written in French too. She also writes stories for the youth in both French and English. In addition to that, she has been a cultural correspondent for the cultural paper ‘Firihab Aljamiaa’ for six years where she had her poems and articles published. She is a member of ‘The Bouregreg Association’ as well as a founding member and the ex-treasurer of ‘The League of Moroccan Women Writers’. She is also a founding member of ‘Le Regroupement des Poètes Francophone Engagés pour La liberté et la Paix’ a virtual group that promotes freedom and peace through poetry in French. She has taken part in four anthologies in French with le R.P.F.E.L.P and another one with Moroccan writers about the Maghreb Union. She took part in many cultural meetings; the last one was in Tetuan North of Morocco during the International Encounter of Women Writers (EIDE) where she presented her novel and read her poetry. She got two poetry prizes one in 2010 by the Delegation of Salé and another one in 2011 at the third National Poetry Festival organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2015 she got homage from the Sala Almoustaqbal Association as one of the creative women in her hometown.