Anna Ferriero


Anna Ferriero was born in Pollena Trocchia, a small town in the province of Naples, Italy. She studied flute and pianola; classical, modern and contemporary dance. She attended psychotherapy seminars and, she sought out the lives of the saints especially the Eastern ones. She loves art and she is a Reiki master. She studied European languages at the University. She has been registered with the Oriental of Naples, she has published two poetic collections (Magic of Love – Punto, Oltre l’Orizzinte) and two stories (The Crypt of Desires – Shadows in the Mirror). She has won several National and International Awards and she particpated  in many National and International magazines, radios, online newspapers, reviews. She writes for several Italian, national and international newspapers and magazines. She collaborates with many foreign authors. Her poetic collection “Nirvana Karaoke” took second place at the International Competition Nabokov 2018, Italy. She won an important international recognition in Vrbas, Serbia (May 2019) and her poems have been published in “Trag” Anthology. Her works have been translated into Croatian, Serbian, English, Bosnian, Chinese, Palestinian, Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Albanian, Hungarian, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovenian languages. May 2019 was named Poet of international fame and administrator of the group of poem "GLOBAL VISION POETRY" from the Indian poet, lawyer, translator and researcher Vendhan Ezhil. Some of her worth-mentioning  awards are: March 2019: XIII edition of the "Nabokov" International Award, Novoli (LE) finalist with the unpublished work - poetic collection "IL KARAOKE DEL NIRVANA" - Second place. May 2019: XXX ed. Панонски Галеб (Panonski Galeb, Serbia), a finalist with the translated work in English THE INFINITE STILL EXISTING dedicated to Giacomo Leopardi - Second place, foreign authors (with silver prize) May 2019: 51 FESTIVAL OF YOUTH POETRY (VRBAS) (51. Festival poezije mladih u Vrbasu) - ten poems in English and translated into Serbian, were published in the wealthy literary anthology "Trag". June 2019: FIFTH COMPETITION, "SONG ANDRIĆCITY 2019", Serbia, Section LIST OF MULTI-AWARDED AUTHORS - with the poem "THAT SMILE IS BORN ANOTHER YOUNG TIME" June 2019: XX Edit. Award Cultural Festival International (ACFI) "Between words and the infinite", Commendation for the Section Golden book of poetry "MATRIOSKA". June 2019: CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL, International Association of Izdikhan poets and writers (International Association of Izdikhan poets and writers Middle East) conferred by the Arab poet and writer Khalid Sheikh. August 2019: collaboration with Darsha, Indian magazine of Hindu / Buddhist culture and religion directed by the Indian writer Smita. Ann has reviewed her poetic collection ОСТРВО БАВИ (ISLAND OF LOVE) by Dragan Urošević (poet and elementary teacher at the primary school village of Čungula, "Stojan Novakovic" in Blace, Serbia). August 2019: SONGS OF ANDRIĆGRAD 2019. Club of poets "Segni" ANDRIĆGRAD - VIŠEGRAD. The Serbian translation of Italian poetry: QUEL SORRISO E’ RINATO GIOVANE, dedicated to the endless child souls, innocent, dead and tortured during the extermination of the Jews in Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps. August 2019 - AVLIJA - Portal for culture, literature and social topics - publication of some poems and updated biography in Serbian language. VOCES Y PLUMAS DE UNAMOS AL MUNDO WITH POESÍA - August 31, 2019 - Centro de México en Vision Universal Radio conducted by Leticia Guzmán, Cristina Gonzalez and AHdez Felipe - reading Italian poetry in Italian and Spanish ALBATRO. From 22 July to 31 August she is busy with Elena Ferrante's "The Brilliant Friend - History of the New Surname" film.


Rosella Lubrano

Rosella Lubrano was born in Genoa, at present she resides in Piedmont, she got a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures with full marks at the Faculty of Education of Genoa. Rosella Lubrano started writing in 2013 and gradually expressed her inner self. Her yearnings, her dreams, her hopes have been expressed in Poetry; in her poems she tackles with the issues emerging up from meditation on the human existence and passion of the heart. On publication of her first book "The Naked Soul", she received the literary award "Città di Sarzana”. She also has received  several awards, among the most significant, are Honorary Academic in the Literature class from the Empedoclei Academy of Agrigento, Rector Prof. Alfonso Mula, Plaques, Literature Plaques, Honorable Mentions, Cups in various Competitions, an in-depth review and nomination as a character of the month of October 2016 in the Journal of Art and Culture "Le Muse" of Reggio Calabria, Plaques of merit at the "Alda Merini" Award of the Academia Dei Bronzi, the "Ecce Homo" Sacred and Religious Poems, Award, the" Pino Daniele "Award with Honorable Mention, the Galà Award 'Love' Romeo and Juliet, the "Poetry is Life" Award, has also been on the Calendar of the Bronzes Academy for two years. Besides poems she writes stories, articles (in the Gazzetta del Monferrato) and fairy tales for children, lately she has worked on a project of poems in a CD, developing the concept of therapeutic poetry in various areas to overcome moments of mental problems. With this work she received a diploma of merit and a medal in the competition "CITTA 'DI SARZANA 2019". She will soon publish her second book of poems and, an ambitious project, his first novel.

Sabina Alia

Sabina Alia   belongs to Assam,  India,  is a welknown poetess amongst her fellow poets and readers. Since her schooling days , she has been writing poetry , short story, novels and articles and many of them have been published in various local,  national and international newspapers, magazines and anthologies.  In her collegiate time she published a novel “ Nishar Ninad” in her native language . She was awarded with the "Best Friction Writer (Junior)" in all Assam based fiction writing competition. She worked as the sub editor of “Kannan” an monthly Assamese magazine. She pursued M. A in English.  Her poetry book the “Sonata of Dreams” has been published in 2019, March by BlueRose Publisher, Delhi . The book is available in Amazon and Flipcart. Her third book “Chandrajeeta” is in press , publishing by Spandan Prakash,  Guwahati. She writes in Asomiya Khabar (Local Newspaper) and Niyamiya Barta (Local Newspaper) . Her English poems have been published in Assam Tribune (English Newspaper) . Her poem  "Companionship" has been published in Poetry Planet (Philippines ) . The review her poem " Shelter" published in "Universul Culturii " , an international Magazine by an Australian author and critic Toni Lovric. Her recharch article on Robert Browning's poem "Porphyria's Lover  is a poetry of absurdity " has been accepted by International Organization of Scientific Recharch , manuscript  id -- K95004 .  She has submitted her article " Critical Study on Porphyria's Lover"  to Oxford University Press Journal . She is a teacher by profession. A devotee of humanity and a great lover of nature .

Concepcion Gurieza Macuto

Concepcion Gurieza Macuto, 61 years old, is a widow from the island of General Santos city, Philippines. Graduated in a four year course of " Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Management at Ramon Magsaysay College, General Santos City. She is a contemporary writer from the Philippines, whose writings dwell with "Life and Romance". She's a day dreamer and a night thinker. She has locally published her own book, "Love Is You" and distributed in her own country. Her first published book narrates love and life with inspirational verses, it consists of 90 pages. Eight poems are written in English corresponding with translation in Spanish. Her first published book is in dedication of women who fight and struggle to survive with the breast cancer, this attempt made her an accomplished author. She has been bestowed upon many notable Awards and Certificates from different poetry pages writing contest. In addition, she has recently received the prestigious Diploma, the “WORLD POETIC STAR AWARD” from World Nation Writers' Union, Kazakhstan. More of her writings have been submitted and published international in different books of Anthology. One of her poems titled "My Writing, My Passion" has  been published and featured in esteemed International Multilingual E magazine, Universul Culturii, (The Universal Culture) with gratitude to Sorina Ivan, owner and editor of Universul Culturii. Concepcion has a curious mind stretched by all experiences that life threw on her way and lent beauty to her writings. She is a sunshine mixing with rain and creating multicoloured rainbow. Poetry is the soul of her emotions spoken and unspoken by the ink of her heart.

Sophia Xinyuan Zhang

Sophia Xinyuan Zhang, is a long-time supporter of community programs and city services. As an administrator, facilitator, communication manager, translator, interpreter, writer, poet, editor, teacher, actress, moderator, host and a passionate volunteer. She has planned, organized and hosted hundreds of special events, workshops, forums, seminars, and conferences. She is passionate about literacy and art, currently, she also serves as the founding chairman of WS Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society; director and board member of World Poetry Canada International, as well as about ten other non-profit organizations. She has a number of publications both in English and Chinese newspapers, magazines and various networks. Her published books include: A Feast for the Mind and Heart - Multicultural Creative Writing Collection 2015; and Commemorate Poet Luo-Fu's Life in Vancouver. She has an extensive experience of working with immigrants to facilitate multicultural education and is an effective advocate in supporting people to achieve their life goals, to have happier families, to build healthier communities, and to foster intercultural harmony.