Bolat Sharakhymbay

Bolat SHАRАKHYМBАY, poet, writer and journalist. Member of World nation writers' union and initiator. Member of Union of Writers and Journalists of Kazakhstan.

It was born 3th June, 1960 in the South-Kazakhstan area of RК in a village Каzgurt. Finished the Kazakh National university of the name Аl-Farabi, faculty of philology. Worked in republican newspapers "Өркен – Горизонт", "Aна тілі", in the magazine of "Қазақ әдебиеті", was the deputy of editor-in-chief of "Әдебиет айдыны".

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Naziken Alpamyskyzy

Naziken Alpamyskyzy - poet, scientist, Member of the Kazakh Union of Writers, she is member of the World nation writers' union and initiator.

She was born on 15 may 1937 in Almaty region, Zhambyl district, Sarybai village. She finished from high school in Kargaly with gold medal. She graduated honors State University, Department of Economics. She respected teacher and an assistant professor who educates young professionals in the Kazakh Economic University named after Ryskulov. The winner of the international award named after Zhambyll and Alash.

Maral Iskakbay

Maral Iskakbay – a writer, a member of Kazakhstan Writers' Union, World Nation Writers’ Union and the initiator. A chairman of Kazakhstan authors society. He was born on 2 February 1938 in village “Sulutor” Kurday district Dzhambul region. After finishing high school in 1955, worked on a farm, in the library, and was a builder, took part in construction of Magnitogorsk Temirtau.

He graduated from the philological faculty of Kazakh State University named S.M. Kirov in 1965, a philologist, a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature. Author of "Forty girls" (1975), "At the foot of Sulutor" (1977), "The Legend of conscience" (1980), "Beginning of Summer" (1982),

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Zakir Аsabaev

Zakir АSАBАЕV, veteran journalist, writer, member of World nation writers' union and initiator. Member of Union of writers and Union of journalists of Kazakhstan.

1937 was born to the year of January, 21 in the South-Kazakhstan area of RK Кеlеses district in a state farm on May", "1. 1957 finished a year with a red diploma a faculty Kazakh and literatures in Tashkent рedagogical institute of the name by Bottoms.

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AL`- Halel Karpykov

AL`- Halel Karpykov – writer, social activist, editor and publicist. Member of the "World nation writers' union" and the initiator. He is Kazakh, was born on 24 February, 1951. He is married, has a son – Askar. Al`- Halel Karpykov lives in Almaty, Samal "Mamyr" -7, Building 5, Apt. 6. Tel. 8-7012103104. E-mail: ALHALEL @ A founder and editor in chief of international news agencies "Al-Halel" and socio-political newspaper of Kazakhstan "The Party".

Winner of several international gold medals - "Good man of peace," "Bright Star Literature" and other international and national awards.

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