Valentina Geambaşu

It's quite difficult to talk about my own person. I'll start by saying a few words about me. My name is Valentina Geambaşu and I am from Silicişte Gumeşti County, Teleorman County (from the village of Marin PREDA), the daughter of Şerban and Maria Genoiu, I live in Mioveni, Arges county. I saw the light of the day for the first time on an autumn day, on October 27th sometime ... Then it all started, my way through life, a poetry and a story. I graduated Alexandru Ioan Cuza High School (from Alexandria) following the MDACG Faculty of the University of Pitesti, TV courses 2017 Pitesti. A new chapter of life, other friends, other life experiences were followed with my employment at Dacia Automobile, from 1988 to the present. I love to read, to write to love ... I love everything that is beautiful, all that is with poetry I have been fancier of leftists in high school years, I have written for school, friends and acquaintances, but I never published at that time. The only diploma and memory I keep (of the three won in poetry competitions) is 1989 at Interjudean contest "Argeşule plai de dor".The editorial debut was in my "Last Dreams" my first appearance in an anthology of contemporary poetry, ... my soul book (June 1 at the Bookfeest Book International Book 2014. I stepped into this fascinating world of poetry in moments of life, longing for question marks, hoping that, just so, unloading the pains of my soul, the deceptions ... can go on and find some answers. ... to my destiny, a destiny often broken, ... the death of my little girl, my husband, my brother-in-law, my brother-in-law, who left two little girls orphaned, and last but not least, my mother's death was the drop filled the glass ... Then I started writing pain, pain, writing poetry (so that I could go on the spiny road of life and have the power to raise my own son, Catalin). But every time, with the help of God, I found the strength to move on. Then there were sunny days, filled with a smile, white nights in which I tried to put on the paper feelings and moments of my life and everyone transferring some of my soul into the poem of life: ""From the Petals of My Soul", Coauthor in: "My Poetry My Girlfriend", "Poems, Poems", "Immortal Love", "Journey in the Kingdom of Words", "Summer Illusions", "In The Memory of Adrian Paunescu" Collective volume) "Therapy through poetry" ,, Autumn Nostalgies "" In waiting for the promised kiss .... "Love beyond the dream" Preludes for butterflies "- the gala of poetry of love,. Book launch Drobeta Turnu Severin ... Flowers among flowers, coauthor 2017 Promoted in ASPRA Anthology (Writers' Association for the Promotion of Artistic Achievements 2015, in the Literature Political Literature Magazine, December 2015 and in USE 2016 Magazine and not last Late Dreams "my first appearance in an anthology of contemporary poetry, my soul book (June 1 at the Bookfeest Book Fair 2014), an event full of excitement and joy for each of us, courage and dedication! Publication and promotion in Anthology, "Anniversary," USE - anthology translated and disseminated in European Union countries, at County / National Libraries and at the Council of Europe. Published in WordPress, Citatepedia, Ecreator magazine 02 November 2016, in EgoLitera magazine, reviewing / promoting the book, Poll of Words, Authentic Dating in "Poll of Words", Couautor in Contemporary Anthology, "Eye Watching from Darkness" 26 Martie 2017 – Craiova, Launch Craiova ,, Love a lethal weapon, coauthor ...Contemporary Anthology. (County Library Alexandru and Aristia AMAN / Gorj County Council) 2017. Published Ecreator magazine 01.02 November 2017 and in EgoLitera magazine, and Soptana Magazine, "Interview with Valentina Geambaşu" by Adelina Sorescu. Publications in the Romanian Illustration , No.1-2 / Sept, Oct. 2017 under the aegis of the European Writers' Union, Posts and Publications in the Conflict Literature Magazine from 2015 to the present (2018), Publication No. 5/2018 of the Cultural Contrast, Author Vol, "FROM THE PETS OF MY SOUL" (Released at Mioveni, 17th of September 2014, 23rd of November at Gaudeamus, Bucharest, 2014, Vol. "Pollen of Words" (launched at Turnu-Severin October 14 and November 21, 2015 at Gaudeamus Bucharest , Author, Vol., "Poetry with angel wings", launched in November at Gaudeamus Bucharest 2016. (Prize of Poetry Education Union) in 2015 Prize of the Union of European Writers, Special mention at the International Poetry Competition Alexadru Macedonski "2015, 1st Prize at the National Competition (with International Participation)," Steaua Severinului ", 2016." Excellency Prize " 2014 and the Merit Diploma, offered by the Mioveni City Hall in the occasion of the awards ceremony. The Days of Mioveni, 2017. 3rd Prize at the Romanian Culture Festival (Craiova 4 November 2017). Publication in "The History of Romanian Literature from the Beginning of the 21st Century to the Present - Vol.1 Publishing in Rev. "Romanian Illustration" .2017 / 2018, "The best 33 Romanian post-revolutionary writers" - Literary Critique Mihai Marcu Publishing House Socrates 2018-01-28. Diploma of Excellence USE - "The European Writers' Union gives distinct presence to the economist Mrs. Valentina Geambaşu for outstanding merits in the field of literature , 28.01.2018, DIPLOMA OF EXCELLENCE /The International Romanian-Canado-American Starpress 2018 Magazine. I am a MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION WRITERS and MEMBER OF THE UNION OF THE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF CREATING PEOPLE. Thank you all for your encouragement and gentleness by giving me appreciation, trust in everything I do (profession, family, artistic vocation ...) the joy of catching wings and discovering the miracles of poetry and life. A good thought to all my readers, ... but not least, the inhabitants of Mioveni, the Dacia family, my father and family from Silistea Gumeşti where I grew up, I learned to keep my steps and my life alive. In much of what I can say about myself, I leave you the lyrics to speak: All I write, write my soul / Painting hopes and dreams, / In a hurrying world, / Every time ... Thoughtful, I smiled.

Miao-Yi Tu 凃妙沂 - Taiwán

Miao-Yi Tu 凃妙沂, born in Tainan city of Taiwan  in 1961. She is a poet, writer, artist and is considered as one of the most original voices of modern Mandarin literature. Currently she is the congregation  of “Taiwan Literature International Communication Group”. She obtained her BT degree in Chinese literature from National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, and then went to Dharma Realm Buddhist University, USA for her advanced study . In today's contemporary world of literature , poetry has been developed and Miao' s poetry is like a whiff of fresh air and creates mind-blowing aura of its own . Her poetry has translated in many languages like Romanian, Spanish and Bengali. Her poems are featured in national and international journals and anthologies, published in various  languages. She is often invited to national and international poetry festivals. She joined Movimiento Poetas del Mundo in 2014 and participate the International Poetry Festival in Chile(2014), Taiwan(2015,2016), Bolivia(2017) and Dhaka International Poets Summit (2018). 
She organizes anthologies and cultural events, being the editor of the magazine and also she was an editor of famous newspaper in Taiwan for literary pages and successfully performed her duties for about 8 years . She was the prize winner in poetry of several literature awards, such as “Tayouan Literary Award”, “Taipei Literary Award”,” Lin Rung-san Literary Award”, “Nan-ying Literary Award”, “Ye-hong Female Poetry Award” etc. Her essay published “Ground is still the Garden” published in 2006 and won the first prize of Fu-cheng Literature Award in 2007. She won the first prize of “Wu Cho Liu Short Story Award” in 2011. She won the Kathaka Literary Award from Bangladesh of in 2018. Her Taiwanese poetry collection book published ”Yearning” in 2016. Her Mandarin /English bilingual poetry collection book “ The Epiphany of Feet” published in 2018. Her short stories collection book “The Black Ghost” published in 2019.


Elo M. Rivera

Elo M. Rivera, Writer and Actress, was born on August 20, 1978 in Chordeleg, Azuay Ecuador. Her childhood in jungle, rebellious adolescence and a bit bohemian adulthood triggered her sensitivity, she was crazy in getting in them refuge to understand the passage of time and discovered what was she made for. She studied at Fiscal School and at the Fissional School "Italia", Ciudad de Méndez, Morona Santiago. She got Degree in Commerce and Business Administration.. She participated in the "Plumas Juveniles" Literature Workshops and Theater Performance at the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Quito. Titled as Professional Actress in the School of Actors "Ernesto Albán Jarrín" in Quito. She is an active participant in poetry festivals at National and International level. Her verses highlight her Hypochondriacal Poetry. Her Works are: SYMPTOMS OF YESTERDAY, REGATAS, SYNCHRONIAS, and THE RED OASIS.


Melyssa G. Sprott

Pittsburgh-born United States writer, artist, and award-winning photographer, Melyssa G. Sprott uses many different means and mediums of self-expression. Having written thirteen poetry collections and ten children’s books in thirteen years, as well as contributing to numerous short horror collections, countless poetry anthologies, and having work published in several countries, she enjoys many a sleepless night with pen in hand. She spent several years as senior moderator at one of the world’s largest online poetry forums as well as teaching poetry forms. Other credits include Co-Managing Editor and Staff Writer of the Literary Journal.  Physical art, cutting and manipulating paper and texture is a current favorite activity—especially regarding paper roses, woven paper art, and children’s book illustrating. When acting as photographer, she enjoys capturing flora, fauna, insects, architecture, nature, and anything else that might peak her interests at that moment. She happily resides in the Ashtabula Harbor of Northeastern Ohio with her adoring husband, Troy Ziegler—they are the proud parents of three sons and three dogs.

Houda Elfchtali

Houda Elfchtali is a Moroccan Poetess, she is a teacher of English in Meknes in Morocco. She is the President of Moroccan Art and Culture association ERATO and a delegate in The Maghreb countries of "Motivational strips” an international poetry forum. She is a literary consultant in the Forum of Poetry in India, Literary Guardian in" World Union Poets "/ Motivational Strips, she also works as freelance translator and she is an author of " My Words and Worlds" " Shades Of My Soul" and " The Edge Of The Blue" with contributions in American International Anthology "Divine Choir ". She is Vice President of association" 8 Mars de la peche no kill et de la preservation de la nature", Director of  "Meknes Choir",  member singer alto in Meknes  choir, member in national board of the Moroccan syndicate of creative artists ( SMAK), ex-president of the section of Meknes of "The League of Moroccan Women Writers", ex-vice treasurer of MATE ( Moroccan Association of Teachers of English ) and still active member in it. She is an award winner in different poetry international forums.