Mrs. Leena Rajan

Mrs. Leena Rajan, a graduate in Physics and Education and Post graduate in English and Education, is a poet, mostly concerned with mystic love, in constant communion with the Oversoul. Her knowledge of physics and other branches of science, helps her to explore everything scientifically. Besides, she is a painting artist, a violinist and a singer.. Mrs Leena takes selfless time in encouraging and inspiring fellow writers from across the globe. She is also holding a distinguished ‘Silver Star honour’ from Motivational Strips. Mrs Leena Rajan has authored 2 books, (1) O Kanna & (2) Krishnavatar an Epic life story of Lord Krishna. Her 3rd poetry book ... Blossoming going to be published by Authorspress..mostly on 23 rd February in Bhubaneswar. Her poems are included in many International Anthologies. She is also featured in, "Women of Essence" by Ade Caparas Manilah of Australia Born to late Er. K . Neelakantan, a pioneer Engineer of India and late Mrs. Kavu Neelakantan, in Ernakulam district of Kerala, Mrs. Leena Rajan, has a fervour for English literature and Mathematics from early childhood. She got admission to Govt. Engineering college. But fearing ragging, she had to quit that coveted course. After that what all things she does, seems to be both a compensation for the lost chance and a fulfillment of her soul's rejoicing.

Sindhoor Varkoor

Sindhoor Varkoor is a voice from Hyderabad - India, who writes in English.  She holds an M. Phil degree in English from Osmania University.  She is an English language trainer, Creative writer, Voice artist and a painter.  Her first book of poems- has been published in June 2019. The book has won awards and has been reviewed in prestigious literary magazines across the world. Many of her poems have been published worldwide in various journals, anthologies and literary magazines. Her poems have been used in schools across nations to demonstrate symbolism in poetry.  Her style of writing is lyrical and her tone is often very philosophical. She has a fascinating way of expressing a great deal through very few words.  Here are some lines from her book Musing Madhawa- Viraha Madhawam:


'Li'l bits of me

Get lost in you

Slowly every moment..." (Poem: Bits Of Me)


"How many wreaths should I make

For a love that dies and dies everyday?" (Poem: Wreaths)


"I stopped thinking

All about you

Right now

I am still not thinking

About you." (I Stopped Thinking)


"I emerged

Out of fire

And nothing burnt me


Than you." (Your Sita)



I wear pain

Like old clothes

Very comfortably..." (Pain)


She is also a powerful women's writer who questions patriarchal fetters in poems like 'Widow' and 'Pula Jada' and many more .Traditional motifs are used to state her argument. She is a gifted painter as well and has also held several painting exhibitions across India and on 8th March, 2012 -Women's Day, her paintings on women were exhibited in Ravindrabharathi, Hyderabad . The event was titled ‘Ayina- Reflections of Women’


 She is the founder of Mano- Antarang Academy of Life Skills- Art for Heart, which is a centre for women. The academy has innovative courses in English along with other courses on yoga, personality development and emotional healing through art. The most significant course she offers is  ' English for grandmothers', where elderly woman are taught English  along with aspects of internet and the computer to cope with the younger generation.  As a Voice Artist and Creative Writer she has worked with many government and private organizations.  Several websites and advertisements have her concept and voice in them. She has a spiritual bent of mind and is a Kriya disciple who has been initiated into Kriya yoga by Shri Shibendu Lahari (Satya Lok, Banaras) and Shri Siddhanath Gurunath ( Hamsa yoga, Sinhagad, Pune) . She believes that there is a spiritual force that constantly guides her, as she says: "Language can be learnt, words can be arranged and rearranged into this beaded necklace of life, but who places those thoughts in the mind?"

Deyasini Roy

Deyasini Roy is a promising young poet who hails from Chandannagar, a town in the Indian state of West Bengal. She’s recently pursued her postgraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature from Pondicherry University, India.  Poetry occupied a conspicuous part of her childhood and therefore she would certainly spare no pains in seeing her tender thoughts sprout. She’s greatly influenced by the British and American Romantic Poets especially William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman. She’s contributed to the esteemed International Almanac of World Poetry, Cascade and Sunup and various International Online Magazines of repute including The Glomag, The Harbinger Asylum, Different Truths and Universul Culturii of late. She has won a few poetry contests online and was conferred with the South Asian Literary Award by Sahitya Deshkaal, The Mirror of Time on 3rd of November 2019.  She is an incorrigible dreamer, an itinerant sunseeker and an ebullient Naturephile whose joyous acquiescence in the free spirit of Nature ensures her traversing into the abyss of unknown. She loves to set recourse to the idyllic and pastoral and  record her impressionably sensitive response to the lilting cadence of Nature rendered in a swirl of lurid slashes and subtle brush strokes. She envisions Nature beyond her mortal eyes in a celestial choir lending subdued shades to her canvas and her world invariably imbues with its transcending colours.


Flerida Ambrocio Agupitan

Flerida Ambrocio Agupitan is a Servant of God doing apostolic works inside and outside the church. Missionary, Visionary, Spiritual Healer, Lector, Commentator, an active member of Barangay Development Council and recently has been nominated as Most Outstanding Woman Gold Medal Awardee, empowered women beyond limitations in her province Bulacan, Philippines. She learned the meaning of service early in life. Her father Jesus Ignacio Ambrocio served as Barangay Captain for many years. Her mother Natalia Santos Cruz had long been involved in public service acting as Barangay Nutritionist. Two of her brothers were member of the Barangay Council. " I remember accompanying my mother around the Barangay, distributing relief goods to the many destitute families " she said. As a Church leader, she is the President of World Apostolate of Fatima. Vice President - Catholic Women's League Secretary, External Affairs- Santicima Trinidad Mater Dei y Jesu Bambino de Filipinas Ex President- Legion of Mary Junior Curia Active Catechist teaching religious subjects. As a poet, she earned lots of recognitions such as : First prize - Poem category " Ang Butil Ng Palay " ( Grain of Rice ) Hongkong Pentasi B World Featured Poet, 2016 Esteem Guest Author, 2016 Dreams Anthology - India With her poem entitled " The World " First Filipino delegate- 10th Guntur International Poetry Festival , India Representing her poem entitled " Peace On Earth " Other poems were published in different Books Anthology namely : Symphony of Souls Symphony of Peace Dreams Anthology Touch of Summer Para Kay Tatay ( To My Father ) Having a gift of intuition, vibration and vision, she put up an office, guidance and counseling for people afflicted with human afflictions. She is also an expert in Numerology, Palmistry, Cartomancy, Graphology, Western and Chinese Astrology. She has gift of healing also can cure sick people in a distant place by simply reciting her distant healing prayer every 3:00 a.m. Her aim and advocacy in life hoping to be fulfilled in God's time is : unity, love, peace and harmony among nation, heal the wounds of division, unify different religions, eliminate racial discrimination. Unique, mystic, prophetic all what she did on earth is for the glory of God and humanity. Her message : " The best thing you can give to the world is your best self. Do your best, soon you'll be blessed and rewarded

Mou Modhubontee

Mou Modhubontee is a Canada Based diasporic (Bengali) Poet, story writer, lyricist, drama artist and host for the live stage show. She was very shy to publish her write ups till 1994. Later, a poet is nothing but a creator of poetry which is essentially one kind of communication became her philosophy. She has been writing since her childhood. Poet Mou Modhubontee writes her poetry with high self-esteem…and great courage.  Poet does lots of experimental writing. Thou she was raising her daughter as a single parent, yet she has been dedicated to her poetry writing. She is the absolute believer in basic thinking and individuality. Even she has been far from her birthplace Bangladesh, yet Bangladesh is always in her heart and dream. The crimson sun that rises in Bangladesh is burning in her blood all the time. She is never afraid of social conspiracy. She believes in her inner strength.  She identifies herself as a mother of her child and her books. About poetry she is very determined. She never compromises the quality of poetry. She searches for humanity within humans. She loves mankind which is her main interest of writing poetry. She is also a community activist. Never believe in Feminism rather practices Humanism.  Mou Modhubontee Joined the 45th Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina, 2019 and as a convener, established a committee for Bengali poets to encourage them to translate their write ups in Spanish language to Capture the Latin market for 2020. She is also one of the Committee Members of World Bangla Literature Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2019.  She writes in both Bengali and English Languages. Her personal information is as below:
Birthplace: Noakhali, Bangladesh (February, 1963).
Education: Master’s Degree in Geography from Dhaka University, Bangladesh.  Post diploma degree in Food and Nutrition Management from Centennial College, Toronto, Canada.
Occupation: Research officer, BIDS, Bangladesh Business  Owner, Online Marketer, Fund Raising Coordinator (SAFSS), Home visitor (PFBB), Online Networking Marketing (Karatbars and Ilagmos), Peer Leader (BNCC) and Nutrition Consultant, Toronto, Canada.
Cultural Activity: Organizer and Executive director of Lolitokontho-SwarashoiIlir-Nondon Bondhoni. It’s a Canadian Unit of Dorshok-Srota-Pathok Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Editor of KobitaUtsab Online monthly poetry Magazine. Host for the KobitaUtsab online Poetry Recital Program.  
YouTube Channel Partner: Ohornish Audio Channel. Already has 5 of her songs, DinuBoshak Mon, Panchami Sur, Raag Korona na Maa, Chandraboti Modhubontee, Je moner Daame Tumi.
Volunteer Work: Event Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator for Chaler GuRa PiTha Utsob, BCCS, Toronto, Canada. 
Published Books: Rakta Nadi Eka (2006), Odhora-IPhone (2011), Batase Brikkhoprem(2012), Mon ORe Kolaboti Raage(2016), Nuner Dukkho(2019), Story Book: Mon Purane Marlyn Munro(2013) .
Committee Member of World Bengali Literary Conference, Atlanta, USA,2019
Book to be Published: Ami Ek Khondo Bangladesh. I am a piece of Bangladesh –in English and Spanish.
Convenor: Bangladesh Pavilion, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020.