Havazmat Koshkarev

Havazmat Koshkarev, journalist, writer. He is member of the World nation writers' union and the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

The main consultant of prezident to Uzbek literature of KAZAKHSTAN. He was born on 16 May 1947, in the of South Kazakhstan region, in the district center of Sairam. In 1965 he enrolled in Tashkent University. He worked as a correspondent of Sairam district newspaper «Мехнат байроғи» He was a teacher, an artist and director of the Culture House.

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Ahmet Aliaz (Бүркіт)

Ahmet ALYAZ (Бүркіт), journalist and publicist. He is member of the World nation writers' union. The author writes in Turkish and Kazakh languages. His holder honorary called "Тіл жанашыры."

Before this he worked in an international newspaper Kazakhstan - Zaman "founder and General Manager. He was born in Turkish city Kaharman Marash and there finished school. In 1992 he arrived to Kazakhstan. He got a higher education and was work an international correspondent in the newspaper "Kazakhstan - Zaman».

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Daniar Albozym

Daniyar ALBOZYM, writer and ethnographer, doctor, professor, member of the Writers' Union of the peoples of the world and the initiator. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

Author has of more than a hundred scientific papers and twelve textbooks, as well as the author of monographs. The winner of the award named after academician Barayev and A.Baytursunuly. Author of " "Қазақ бүркітшілігінің әліппесі", "Қазақ бүркітшілігі" and novel by "Chingiz Kagan".

Alexey Polikanin

Alexey Polikanin – journalist and publicist, publisher. Russian Citizen. He was born 1956 in Vladivostok. He graduated Institute of Asia and African Moscow State University named Lomonosov in Moscow. Historian-orientalist 13 years worked as a journalist at the Moscow International Radio (international service, Radio and Television of the USSR).

Since 2003, has own publishing house. Publishing house "Alex" (IP Polikanin AA) was founded in 2003 in Moscow, Russia. The main themes of publications issued by: an economy, an environment, a gender and a demographic issues, a strategic issues in the field of education, and others.

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Bolat Sharakhymbay

Bolat SHАRАKHYМBАY, poet, writer and journalist. Member of World nation writers' union and initiator. Member of Union of Writers and Journalists of Kazakhstan.

It was born 3th June, 1960 in the South-Kazakhstan area of RК in a village Каzgurt. Finished the Kazakh National university of the name Аl-Farabi, faculty of philology. Worked in republican newspapers "Өркен – Горизонт", "Aна тілі", in the magazine of "Қазақ әдебиеті", was the deputy of editor-in-chief of "Әдебиет айдыны".

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