David Parry

English famous poet David William Parry, (Biography was published in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org) member of the World nation writers’ union, (born 25 August 1958) is a published author, poet, dramaturge, anarchist, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, active Libertarian, member of the World Nation Writers' Union and Wiccan.[1][2][3][4][5]

He was the founder and chair of Gruntlers' Group and is currently Chairman of Eurasian Creative Guild.[6] In the early eighties he moved to London from Fareham in Hampshire.[7] After living in South London for a few years, he graduated in religious studies at King's College London (1990).

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The Mongolian poet G.Mend-Ooyo, member of the World nation writers’ union, (biography of the poet was published on its own site: http://www.mend-ooyo.mn) was born and raised in a nomadic herding family, where his life consisted of the endless steppe, the blue sky and the stars, livestock, swift horses, the long-song, folk stories and camel caravans....

He began writing poetry at thirteen, and has published some forty books or poetry, essays and fiction. His work has been translated into about forty languages. Mend-Ooyo is also active in other areas of Mongolian culture. Since 2006, he has organised an annual exhibition of calligraphy, and between 1990 and 1996 he was involved in the development of the "Mijid Chenrezig" complex, which united Mongolian history and culture.

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Aben Nurmanov

Nurmanov Aben Aldabergenovich scientist-writer and poet. He is member of the World nation writers' union, the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and Eurasia and a member of the Union of Journalists in Kazakhstan.

Academician, Professor, Doctor of Economics. President MCHE "Planet of the world." Representative of Human Rights Committee at the United Nations. He was born 1949 in Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, the city of Turkestan. He graduated Industrial-Pedagogical College and Institute of national economic in Alma-Ata.

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Akbar Mazhit

Akbar Mazhit – a writer. He is member of the World nation writers' union. The main consultant to president of World nation writers' union Chinese and nations literature in China.

Mr. Mazhit wrote in Chinese. He lives in Beijing – in the capital of China. The main consultant of Writers' Union in China "Chinese writers". He is winner of State Prize in China. Akbar Mazhit translated into Chinese works of the great Kazakh poet Abay. What interesting Akpar Mazhit as a writer became a laureate of the State Prize of China when he was not even 30 years old.

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Kүliya Aydarbekova


Kүliya Aydarbekova, journalist, writer. She is member of the World nation writers' union. The author at worked head the Management of Culture of South Kazakhstan region.

Kүliya Smaylhanovna graduated a journalism Department of Kazakh National University named Al’-Farabi in Almaty . She worked as a reporter in newspaper «Фосфор үшін» and was head. department in the regional newspaper «Ильич жолы», «Путь Ильича». At the moment she is the director of the South Kazakhstan regional library "Otyrar". She is the author of a wonderful essay book about the mother.