Maxim Zamshev

Maxim Zamshev poet, member of the World nation writers' union. The main consultant of president World nation writers' union to Russian literature.

He is first deputy chief editor of "Literary Gazette", the chief editor of "Russian bell," the first secretary of Russian Writers' Union in Moscow and member of the Russian Union of Journalists, Co-Chair of the International Cooperation Department of the International Union of Writers. 

He was born 1972 in Moscow. After finishing secondary school he went to the Soviet Army. Then he graduated music school named Gnesin, and then studied at the Institute of Literature named Gor’ky.

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Ljubomir Mihajlovski

Ljubomir Mihajlovski, member of the World nation writers’union, chief representative of the World nation writers’ union in Macedonia.

He is poet - writer-director-journalist Born: 06.May.1957,in Veles, Macedonia….natioanlity.macedonian…address: Blagoj Gjorev no.69/1-10, 1400 Veles, Macedonia Membership: 1977- member of renewal board of poetry club Koco Racin , Veles - Macedonia 1979- Founder /with his brother prof. Aco Mihajlov/ and president of Youth Research Union in Veles, Veles - Macedonia Member of SFera - science fiction club - Zagreb - Croatia 1980 - Member of State Board of Macedonian Youth Research Actions - Skopje - Macedonia

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Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed

Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed is a poet-writer, an English teacher, a member of the World nation writers' union and the chief of the World nation writers' union representative in Egypt.

He is CV Alaa Sameh Abd Alhameed, poet, writer and English teacher. Age:30 years. Country :-Egypt Job:-World peace and human rights advisor in Egyptian center for world peace &human rights belongs to Amnesty and UNESCO, international poet&writer,English teacher. Scientific certificates:' -licentiate degree in English language and its arts from faculty of arts -Minya university.

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Harisharis (Hj Haris Hj Hamzah)

Harisharis (Hj Haris Hj Hamzah) poet, writer, member of the World nation writers’ union in Kazakhstan, chief representative of the S World nation writers’ union in Singapore.

He is Live in Singapore. Аka harisharis is an active International Poet / Writer. An ex school teacher turned business leader had participated in numerous Literary Arts ( Poetry ) Festivals in Asia & Europe. Born in 1967, an Arts & Social Science graduate had been to Poetry & Cultural Festivals in Singapore ( Home Land ), Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & as far as Romania ( Bistrita Culturii’s World Poetry Festivals in 2017).

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Dev Bhardwaj

DEV BHARDWAJ (Full name : Dev Raj Bhardwaj) famous poet, writer and public figure of India. He is a member of the World nation writers'union in Kazakhstan and regional chief representative of the World nation writers’ union (Kazakhstan) of the states of Punjab and Haryana in India.

(Honoured by Chandigarh Sahitya Academi, Chandigarh for 2012 Annual State Award. ) Born on November 20, 1948 at Village : Marar, Tehsil Batala Distt. Gurdaspur (Punjab)-India Living in Chandigarh (India) since 1965 (Retired as Superintendent Grade-1, Punjab Government Education Department, Chandigarh) Director – India Intercontinental Cultural Association (Regd.) (Association of Indian writers and artists) Editor : Kafla Inter-Continental, (a literary journal in English.) CREATIVE WORK (BOOKS PUBLISHED) Original publications:

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