Maira Zhagyparova

Maira Zhagyparova, publicist, initiator. She is member of the World nation writers' union. She is masters of pedagogics, Senior Lecturer Turan University in Almaty. She is author of many scientific articles on the direction of Internet journalism. And author of the textbook "Journalism".

Sabirzhan Shamuratov

Sabirzhan Shamuratov, poet and member of the World nation writers' union.

Writer was born 1945 in the village of Sairam in South Kazakhstan region. At the first time he was a driver, and then engaged in enterprise activities that may not be able to get a special higher education in poetry since childhood and has been a vital partner. Published two collections of poetry «Умр утмокда», «Сирли олам» and was published collection of his poems and songs «Турон чечаклари», «Чашма гулдастаси», «Канот кокди», «Туена», «Исфижоб илхомлари», «Исфижоб инъоми», «Сонсизбоб садолари», «Армон куши».

Zhaugashar Tolebaev

Tolebaev Zhaugashar Seiytuly (19. 01. 1945, Kostanay, Torgay city.) – economist-scientific , writer, publicist, interpreter. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

The writer studied in school which built Ybyrai Altynsarin in 1864 in Torgay and he graduated it in 1961. In 1968 he graduated the Kazakh Republican agriculture Institute in Almaty as an economist. And in 1968-1993 he worked as a director, accountant and economist in Aktobe, Torgay, Almaty,1981-84 he studied at graduate school in economic science-researching institute of Kazakh agribusiness complex and in 1985 in Bishkek he protected candidate dissertation which theme is «The social-economic problems of personal economy».

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Nagashibay Balmahanuly

Nagashibay Balmahanuly, journalist, poet and translator He is member of the World nation writers' union.

He is member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan. He was born 1951 in Aktobe region, in a village near Irgiz Tymabulak. He graduated Aktobe pedagogical institute of philological faculty (Russian Language and Literature in 1973). Since 1992 translation activities like as: “Көгершіні көңілімнің” (poem), «Ғарышкер үні» (poems), «Сервус, мадонна» (poems), «Кітаптағы жазу» (translations, Russian love story), «Құмсағат» (poems, translations).

Serikbai Ospanov

Serikbai Ospanov – author, publicist, journalist, scientific and interpreter. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

He was born in 1945 at the 1st of April in Balday in Shili which located in Zhankeldin region of Torgay ( now Kostanay) area. He graduated journalism specialty of Kazakh Republican University. In 1968–1978 he worked in Kazakh radio and in Republican redaction named "Zhalyn" as a manager of department. Also he worked as a teacher, manager of pulpit and a docent in Kostanay Republican University named A. Baitursynov.

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