Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad

Dr. LANKA SIVA RAMA PRASAD, Indian famous poet, a translator, a essays, a surgeon, philanthropist, social activist. He is a member of a World nation writers’ union and appointed chief representative World nation writers’ union in India.

Dr. LANKA SIVA RAMA PRASAD M.B.B.S;M.S. GENERAL SURGERY M.Ch. CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY Fellow in VASCULAR SURGERY Post graduate Diplomate in Human Rights Post graduate Diplomate in Television Production Cell animation Specialist- Heart Animation Academy Computer Animation Specialist- Pentafour- Chennai Web Engineer and Web Designer- Web City- Hyderabad Fellow of Indo-Asian poetry society

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Dariusz Pacak

The famous poet Dariusz Pacak became a member of the Writers' Union, and was appointed chief representative of the Union in Austria. Dariusz Pacak – artist of Polish origin, settled in Austria.

As teenager he attend The Young Writers Club Wiadukt in Lodz. Studied at the Academy of Music in Cracow, Katowice. Lived in New York and Florida. Being back in Poland get his M.F.A at Academy of Music in Wroclaw /1998/. Recipient of grants from The Ministry of Culture and Arts /Warsaw/, The Ministry of Research and Science /Vienna, 1997/. He continued his Professional Studies in Vienna /2000/.

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Fang Yaw-chien

Taiwan's famous poet, philosopher, Pang Yaw-chien became a member of the World nation writers' union and was appointed chief representative in Taiwan.

His biography: Prof. & Dr. Fang Yaw-chien (方耀乾, AKA, Png Iau-khian, born in 1958, Tainan, Taiwan) is a leading poet, writer, scholar, and editor in Taiwan. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Taiwanese literature, National Cheng-kung University. Currently he is Full Professor & Chairman of Department of Taiwanese Languages & Literature, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan.

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Maria Miraglia

The famous poet of Italy Maria Miraglia became a member of the World nation writers’ union and appointed chief representative of the World nation writers’ union in Italy.

She was born in Italy, Maria A. Miraglia has an expanded consciousness and considers herself a cosmopolitan. She loves travelling and interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. A long time member of Amnesty International for the defense of Human Rights, she herself founder of World Foundation for Peace.

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Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim

Philippine famous poet and public figure, Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim became a member of the World nation writers 'union and was appointed chief representative of World nation writers' union in the Philippines.

His brief biography:

Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim (Dr. Epitacio R. Tongohan, M.D.) ● ANYUINSEM AGYA ● IL PADRE DELLA POESIA VISUALE ● FATHER OF VISUAL POETRY EDUCATION: ● Doctor in Medicine, 1984; ● Specialized in Anatomic Pathology, 1988; ● Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, 1979. MAJOR WORLD ACHIEVEMENTS: ● Conferred in the Philippines as “The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry”, 2011; ● Known and recognized in British Columbia, Canada, as “The Father of Visual Poetry”, 2012;

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