Leyla Isik

Leyla IŞIK, educator, poet, writer and artist. She is a member of the World nation writers’ union and chief representative WNWU in Turkey.

She completed the primary and secondary education in İzmir. She studied at the Teacher Training College in Usak. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of Eskişehir Anadolu University and retired from the primary school. Leyla Işık, the Vice President of KIBATEK and International Organization and Project Coordinator, organized the 31st KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in Istanbul / Tuzla in 2003, 34 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2004 and 39 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2016 together with the Pablo Neruda Cultural Association in Taranto.

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Ade Caparas Manilah

Ade Caparas Manilah, poet, painter and designer, a member of the World nation writers' union and the сhief representative of the World nation writers’ union in Australia.

Her biography and bibliography: Ade caparas manilah… a.k.a. Ade Orosa, ade c., Gandah Manilah, a Philippine born but an Australian citizen since 1991 says, ‘my affection for writing and poetry can be traced since i was a meagre toddler, four year old… “She could create a short story out of a piece of stone or a leaf.” my mother would say.’ I am a no lukewarm, scorpio woman, born 04 november, divorce with 10 children .. my life has always been an alternating rainbow and stormy weather!

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Silvano Bortolazzi

Silvano Bortolazzi, poet and FOUNDER PRESIDENT AND WORLD PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS, member of the World nation writers' union and co-president of the World nation writers' union, Honorary President of the World nation writers' union in Kazakhstan.

Silvano Bortolazzi born in Genoa 13 November 1975, lives in Recco near Genoa. Great Italian poet and writer, with the Honour of Merit of the Italian Republic for poetry. Silvano Bortolazzi graduated in accountancy, second qualification for accountants specialization. Commander of yatchs boats, nautical qualified teacher of both theory and practice. He works as a shopkeeper. Sole director of the American du Facebook Gallery in memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Nobel of Literature.

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Luz María López

Luz María López, famous Spanish poet, a member of World nation writers’ union and the chief representative World nation writers’ union in Spain and Puerto Rico.

Luz María López is writer of poetry, narrative, essays, translator, editor and cultural promoter. Is Executive Director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP-IOC) and World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights (WM); Board Member of the International Writers Association (IWA BOGDANI); Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Book Fair in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (FILEMH); President for Spain and Puerto Rico of Writers Capital Foundation;

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Leon Potlapalli Sreenivasa Rao M.Sc.

Indian famous poet, administrator, humanitarian Leon Potlapalli Sreenivasa Rao M.Sc., member of the World nation writers' union.

His brief biography:

Lion POTLAPALLI SRINIVASA RAO M.Sc., MJF - Poet, Administrator, Humanitarian - Published (6) Poetry books, edited and complied more than ten books - Recipient of Many Awards and commendations - Associated with lions clubs international. Poetry Books & Publications Chaitanya Gulaabeelu (Mini Poetry, 1987) Moodokannu ( Poetry, 1996) Moodu Swapnalu-Oka Melakuva (2004)

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