Keltir Shanenov

Shanenov Keltir Magurypovich, writer-chronicler, ethnographer. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

He was born on 20 September 1950, in the village of Akkiiztogay Zhylyoi Guryev region.He is Kazakh. Father - Shanenov Maguryp (1923-1989), Commander of the Order "Badge of Honor", a member of the Second World War. Mother - Shanenova Buldyryk (1928 p.), A pensioner, awarded with a gold medal "Heroine Mother" of the USSR, "Алтын Алқа" Republic of Kazakhstan. He graduated the faculty of the Kazakh oil Polytechnic Institute named Lenin (1972), a mining engineer and geologist; Faculty organizers of industrial production of the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named Azizbekov (1984), the organizer of industrial production.

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Konakbay Satarov

Konakbay Satarov – a poet, journalistand publicist. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

He was born on 2nd November 1964. 1982-1986 he studied at the Faculty of Philology of the Pedagogical Institute named after Abai. Poems published in the national press, in 1984, the "fire" publishing "audience." In 1985, the winner of the national festival of "Zhiger." He worked in Tashkent Kazakh newspapers: "Light" "The voice of the young Kazakh", "Wild and the City".

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Kudaibergen Kashkynbayuly

Kudaibergen Kashkynbayuly, he is member of the World nation writers' union.

He is academician, a scientist, a poet, a composer and an honorary citizen of Enbekshikazak region and Almaty region. He excellence in Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The writer was born on 16th July 1937, the in Almaty region, Chilik district. The father and mother were very wise and honorary people. His father was an artisan. He studied at the Agricultural Institute in Almaty in 1958, and graduated in 1963. He worked for six years as an agronomist in his native village, and in 1969-1972 was a postgraduate student, defended the dissertation in Kiev. Then,

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Beisen Akhanov

Beisen Akhanov, poet, writer. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

Poems and articles are often published in district and regional editions of the East Kazakhstan region. The author had published a collection of poems "Қалбатау қызғалдақтары", "Көңіл толқыны", "Жылдар сыры" cognitive and historical novel "Батырдың ұрпақтары".The poet-writer in the next year is going to release another book titled "Shashu."

Nurqalyq Abdyraqyn

Nurqalyq Abdyraqyn, scientist, writer, essayist, translator. He is member of the World nation writers' union.

He was born 25 May1976, in Ortekestin of Akdala. He graduated the Pedagogical Institute Ile in China, received higher education at the University of Shuar. China's Shuan Pedagogical University studied Ph doctorate in Chinese. Since 1997, engaged in employment as a teacher in the city of Turkestan in 2004 Q.Yassawy International Kazakh-Turkish University.

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