Anca-Maria David

Anca-Maria David was born in Botoșani, Romania on 10th February in 1980. She has been writing poetry since she was 38 years old and she has been published in several prestigious anthologies, literary magazines and on links: "Logos și Agape", "Poezii pentru sufletul meu", "", "Amprentele sufletului", "Armonii culturale", "Atunis Galaxy Poetry". She won two poetry awards from prestigious organizations (The European Poetry Championship- the Third Place; and The World Poetry Championship- the Special Jury Prize). She has been published in Romania and India. She is a teacher and she does many acts of charity for the children, she teaches them and shares with them her love. She loves to read books, write poetry, sing songs, she is also very fond of travelling, she likes to discover other cultures and spend time in nature.

Anita Pešić

ANITA PEŠIĆ was born in Niš, Serbia on 8th April in 1987. Anita developed her talent for writing from an early age. She wrote her first poem at the age of seven. So far, she has published three books of poems for children of different ages: 

"The colors of my soul"

"Garden of the Imagination"

"Flight to the World" 

She is a teacher, specialized in drama art and honorable member of the “Association of the best teachers” in the former Yugoslavia. Anita’s writings are represented in numerous national and few international anthologies, as well as in some magazines and newspapers for children and adults. She is the winner of many accolades and awards in Serbia and beyond. Her poems have been translated into English, Macedonian and Romani language. 

Anita is writing blogs about education and organizes creative workshops with children such as: making puppets, drama classes, classes of fine writing and poetry. She writes songs for a puppet theater shows and also reviews for a poetry books. She draws illustrations for her colleagues books, as for her own. 

As a lover of all fields of art, Anita has composed her own poems and now she is preparing a music book for children. Photography and painting are her main hobbies, she likes sports and spending time in nature. Travelling and discovering other cultures brings her Joy in abundance. Anita sees the beauty and inspiration in everything and her goal is to share love and keep the sparkle of our souls bright.

Chen Hsiu-chen

Chen Hsiu-chen, graduated from Department of Chinese Literature in Tamkang University and has served as an editor in newspaper and magazines, now she is one of the editor members of “Li Poetry Sociaty”. Her publications include essay “A Diary About My Son, 2009”, poetry “String Echo in Forest, 2010”, ”Mask, 2018”, “Uncertain Landscape, 2017”, “Tamsui poetry, 2018”and “Bone-Fracture, 2018” as well as Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual “Promise, 2017”. Her poems have been selected into Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual anthologies “Poetry Road Between Two-Hemispheres, 2015” and “Voices from Taiwan, 2017”, Spanish “Opus Testimoni, 2017”, Italian “Dialoghi, 2017” and “Quaderni di traduzione, 2018”, as well as English “Whispers of Soflay, Vol. 2, 2018” and “Amaravati Poetic Prism, 2018”. Her poems have been also translated into Bengali, Albanian, Turkish and the like. She participated Formosa International Poetry Festivals in Taiwan held in 2015~2019 annually, Kathak International Poets Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2016, International Poetry Festival “Ditët e Naimit” in Tetova, Macedonia, 2016, Capulí Vallejo y su Tierra in Peru, 2017, International Poetry Festival of Sidi Bou Saïd Tunisia, 2018, “Tras las Huellas del Poeta”in Chile, 2018, 3rd International Poetry Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019, 6th Iasi International Poetry Festival in Romania, 2019, as well as Primer Festival Internacional de Poesía por Ediciones El nido del fénix, 2019. She was awarded with estrella matutina by Festival of Capulí Vallejo y su Tierra in Peru, 2018.

Khosiyat Rustamova

Khosiyat Rustamova was born in 1971 in the village of Olmos in the Chust district of Namangan Province. She studied at the Journalism Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan (1988-1993) and at the University of Higher Literature (2001-2004). 

She has been serving as editor-in-chief of the "World of the Book" newspaper since 2015. The poetry books which published by Khosiyat Rustamova: “Osmondagi uy” – “The House In The Sky” (1997) “Najot” – “Rescue” (2003) “Rido” – “The mantle” (2004) “Devor” – “A Wall” (2006) “August” – “August” (2008) “Ishg’ol” – “Occupation” (2011) “40:0” – “40:0” (2011) “Unutilgan yillar” – "Forgotten years" (2014) “Yupanch” – "Consolation"(2005) “Bebosh bulutlar” – "Uncontrolled clouds"(2019). 

What is more, several poetry books by Khosiyat Rustamova were published in foreign languages and in other countries: “Ertasi yo’q kunlar” – “The days without tomorrow” Published in Turkey. Translated into Turkish language by Bashir Oksuz (2008) “Qorxunç” – “Fear” Published in Azerbaijan. Translated into Azerbaijani by Resmiya Sabir. (2009). And also her books published in Kazakhstan, Columbia, Russia, USA and other countries in Kazakh, Spanish, Russian, English, Deutsch and other languages. 

Khosiyat Rustamova participated in several international poetry festivals and once became winner in the international poetry festival in Thailand in 2018 for her creativity. 

She has translated poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, Eugene Eutushenko, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak,  Ramiz Rovshen, Nigar Refibeyli, Riza Khalil, Neguib Fazil Kisakurak, Khusnu Daglarja and other Russian, Turkish Azerbaijani poems from Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish into Uzbek language. 

Khosiyat Rustamova was awarded with "Shukhrat" – “Fame” medal in 2004. A member of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan. She has been awarded with the international award of Azerbaijan named after Mikail Mushfeek in 2015. She has applied to the membership of Writers Union of Azerbaijan in 2019.

Luzviminda Gabato Rivera

Luzviminda Gabato Rivera is from Philippines, she is a published author, excellent international journal reviewer, multi-awarded researcher, session chair, external panel member of thesis and dissertation committees, and presenter of  researches in various national and international conferences and has published researches in journal and online proceedings. 

Dr. Rivera believes in that learning is a continuous journey. She graduated in five (5) courses with flying colours as dean’s lister, academic distinction and academic excellence awardee.  She finished her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (dean’s lister), she also finished her post graduate courses namely:  Master of Science in Nursing, Diploma in Public Administration (Academic Excellence), Master of Public Administration (Academic Distinction) and Doctor of Public Administration (Academic Excellence) at Tarlac State University in Philippines.  She also, took up units leading to a Law degree.  She hopes to inspire others by her enthusiasm to learn that will help others to developing more wisdom. 

Her passion to write particularly poems started during her college days and became an editor of the college publication.  In 2019, she rekindled her love for poetry through an encouragement of a very special friend whom she called, “A Gift.” It was her first poem published in Spillwords Press based in New York which became Publication of the Month of May and nominated in the 2019 Publication of the Year of Spillwords Press. She continued to write poems despite her busy schedules like, upon waking up, in between rest when conducting research, on board on a plane and even in her dreams, where she wrote her poem, “Is It for Real of Just A Dream”. 

Currently, her nine (9) poems have been published by Spillwords Press based in New York and forty two poems have published by Indian Periodicals based in India. In January 20, 2020, she was title one of the Outstanding Writers 2020, First Instabright National Awards for Educators.  In February 2020, she was also recognized by Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry, Philippines as Pentasi B World Featured Poet 2020 and during the launching of A GIFT, she was awarded Pentasi B - World Inspirational Poet 2020, by Dr. Epitacio Tongohan aka Doc PenPen- Father of Visual Poetry, the founder of Pentasi B, World Friendship Poetry. 

Her books are : A Gift – a unique collections of poems on love and friendship, pain and loss, inspiration, hopes and dreams released through Amazon on January 26, 2020 which was successfully launched on February 29, 2020 at Bulwagan ng mga Gobernador, Tarlac City. She received a gift and a letter of appreciation from Dr. Vishnu Pandya – Great Literary Luminary from India, author of 107 books, Chairman of Sahitya Akademi, Gujarat in India, Padma Shree Honour from President of India and Ambassador De Literature’ from Motivational Strips – World’ most active writer’s forum. 

Currently, Dr. Rivera is working on her 2nd book on inspirational poems with guest poets (brilliant and multi-awarded poets of the world).  In addition, she has planned to write her 3rd book on research before the year ends. She is also a co-author of the best-selling anthology BREAK THE SILENCE by Brenda Mohammed. Furthermore, Dr. Rivera uses poetry to touch and inspire people, to unleash their highest potentials and make life, a well-lived life for others. 

As an excellent international research journal reviewer, she is an editorial board member of the United Kingdom’s EC Nursing and Healthcare,  India’s Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science wherein she maintains her standing as the top reviewer of the latter. She has also reviewed several researches for publication in Food and Nutrition Science Journal based in Kansas, USA. 

She is also an external panel member in thesis and dissertation committee of Tarlac State University where she takes pride to share what she has learned in her journey as a researcher... as a researcher in her division, she is the first and the only researcher so far, to hurdle and win research competitions at all levels (division, regional and national) not only once but many times and earned the title “Queen of Research”. As a multi-awarded researcher, she has been invited worldwide to present and publish her researches. 

In 2018, she won 2nd in the First National Action Research Competition-Philippines organized by the STEM Education Training Hub.  She was also awarded Best Presenter in the First National Curriculum Research Conference organized by Department of Education- Philippines wherein 70 researchers competed nationwide… in 2019, she presented one of her researches in 2nd Singapore International Research Conference held at The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), The Graduate Club, Suntec City Guild House Singapore, organized by Social Science and Humanities Research Association ((SSHRA). 

In 2020, she has been titled Outstanding Researcher by the First Instabright National Awards for Educators. Dr. Rivera wishes to continue her love and passion for research through advocacy, mentoring and being of help to others through adoption of her research questionnaire like her research on School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP). She was awarded First Place and Best Presenter in the 2016 by Department of Education – Region III Research Congress.  Her paper has been published in the online proceedings of 2017 De La Salle University Research Congress, and it was adopted by college and post graduate students of almost 30 colleges and universities in Philippines. 

As a linguist, she is fluent in six languages. Dr. Rivera is a member of the City of Angeles Toastmasters Club (CATMC) where her public speaking and leadership skills are honed. Despite her busy schedule, she made it a priority for the holistic development of her personality. To pass on this advocacy, currently, she is forming a toastmasters club in her hometown, Tarlac City, with the support of the Division G Director of District 75, Remy B. Ybay; Past Area Governor and Distinguished Toastmaster, Noli M. Manlapaz; Past President and Charter President of FilAm Software Toastmaster Club, Michael Shane; and Past President John S. Todorovic. But most of all, the most appreciative support is rendered by Past Division Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster, Edith Garde and the Matriarch of Philippine Toastmasters, Past District Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster, Baby Escueta Luat! Dr. Luz believes that, in order to be an effective channel of her poems, researches and caring individual, she needs to be a good public speaker, which is why she joined Toastmasters, because it’s “Where Leaders are Made”. 

She is also a multi-awarded nurse by profession, from being an outstanding nurse and non-teaching personnel in the division and regional level in her 15 years working experience. She is  the Vice-President for Luzon of the Department of Educational National Nurses Association (DENNA) in Philippines and Board of Director to the School Health and Nutrition Personnel of Philippines. She is the administrator of the webpage of DENNA. 

She is also a licensed teacher and has taught in various colleges and university in Philippines.  She is also a part -time lecturer in Master of Arts in Nursing and Clinical Instructor in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Tarlac State University. In addition, she has been titled Most Innovative Teacher of the Year with 700 plus teachers competed in the 2020 First Instabright National Awards for Educators banking on various innovations, she proposed and adopted the Department of Education-Tarlac Province to be an agent of change in her little ways. 

Dr. Rivera enjoys herself expressing her love and passion in the social media through her pages in Poetic Mind ( for her poems, Research and Development ( for her researches, Fashionate ( for her love of fashion, Wonderful Creations ( for her love of photography and nature. She also made a page for her first book, A Gift (