Akbar Mazhit

Akbar Mazhit – a writer. He is member of the World nation writers' union. The main consultant to president of World nation writers' union Chinese and nations literature in China.

Mr. Mazhit wrote in Chinese. He lives in Beijing – in the capital of China. The main consultant of Writers' Union in China "Chinese writers". He is winner of State Prize in China. Akbar Mazhit translated into Chinese works of the great Kazakh poet Abay. What interesting Akpar Mazhit as a writer became a laureate of the State Prize of China when he was not even 30 years old.

He is the author of a 4-volume book of a different genre of prose. And this 4-volume was translated into Kazakh and published in Kazakhstan. In this regard, this year (2017) was the presentation of these books with the inherent nature of the author.