Havazmat Koshkarev

Havazmat Koshkarev, journalist, writer. He is member of the World nation writers' union and the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

The main consultant of prezident to Uzbek literature of KAZAKHSTAN. He was born on 16 May 1947, in the of South Kazakhstan region, in the district center of Sairam. In 1965 he enrolled in Tashkent University. He worked as a correspondent of Sairam district newspaper «Мехнат байроғи» He was a teacher, an artist and director of the Culture House.

10 years worked as an editor of the regional television. 1991 worked as deputy chief editor of the regional newspaper «Жанубий Козоғистон» («Дустлик байроғи». Under the title book «Ирмоқлар тутолиганда», «Туран чечаклари», «Туәна» in the Uzbek language, «Мүшайра» and «Тұран толқындары» came out in the Kazakh language.