Alexey Polikanin

Alexey Polikanin – journalist and publicist, publisher. Russian Citizen. He was born 1956 in Vladivostok. He graduated Institute of Asia and African Moscow State University named Lomonosov in Moscow. Historian-orientalist 13 years worked as a journalist at the Moscow International Radio (international service, Radio and Television of the USSR).

Since 2003, has own publishing house. Publishing house "Alex" (IP Polikanin AA) was founded in 2003 in Moscow, Russia. The main themes of publications issued by: an economy, an environment, a gender and a demographic issues, a strategic issues in the field of education, and others.

Publishing house "Alex" is the official publisher of the Moscow office of the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the United Nations Information Centre, UNESCO and other UN organizations. Publishing publishes books and private sponsors. Over the years, the publishing house published dozens of pamphlets, books and periodicals.