Bolat Sharakhymbay

Bolat SHАRАKHYМBАY, poet, writer and journalist. Member of World nation writers' union and initiator. Member of Union of Writers and Journalists of Kazakhstan.

It was born 3th June, 1960 in the South-Kazakhstan area of RК in a village Каzgurt. Finished the Kazakh National university of the name Аl-Farabi, faculty of philology. Worked in republican newspapers "Өркен – Горизонт", "Aна тілі", in the magazine of "Қазақ әдебиеті", was the deputy of editor-in-chief of "Әдебиет айдыны".

Now works as an editor-in-chief in a publishing house "Абай университеті". Product: Return of the spirit, poems, ballads, poems; The soul is a volcano, verses; Ghazals Kazgurt, lyrics; Raise the flag in your native land, essay.