Rosella Lubrano

Rosella Lubrano was born in Genoa, at present she resides in Piedmont, she got a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures with full marks at the Faculty of Education of Genoa. Rosella Lubrano started writing in 2013 and gradually expressed her inner self. Her yearnings, her dreams, her hopes have been expressed in Poetry; in her poems she tackles with the issues emerging up from meditation on the human existence and passion of the heart. On publication of her first book "The Naked Soul", she received the literary award "Città di Sarzana”. She also has received  several awards, among the most significant, are Honorary Academic in the Literature class from the Empedoclei Academy of Agrigento, Rector Prof. Alfonso Mula, Plaques, Literature Plaques, Honorable Mentions, Cups in various Competitions, an in-depth review and nomination as a character of the month of October 2016 in the Journal of Art and Culture "Le Muse" of Reggio Calabria, Plaques of merit at the "Alda Merini" Award of the Academia Dei Bronzi, the "Ecce Homo" Sacred and Religious Poems, Award, the" Pino Daniele "Award with Honorable Mention, the Galà Award 'Love' Romeo and Juliet, the "Poetry is Life" Award, has also been on the Calendar of the Bronzes Academy for two years. Besides poems she writes stories, articles (in the Gazzetta del Monferrato) and fairy tales for children, lately she has worked on a project of poems in a CD, developing the concept of therapeutic poetry in various areas to overcome moments of mental problems. With this work she received a diploma of merit and a medal in the competition "CITTA 'DI SARZANA 2019". She will soon publish her second book of poems and, an ambitious project, his first novel.