Concepcion Gurieza Macuto

Concepcion Gurieza Macuto, 61 years old, is a widow from the island of General Santos city, Philippines. Graduated in a four year course of " Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Management at Ramon Magsaysay College, General Santos City. She is a contemporary writer from the Philippines, whose writings dwell with "Life and Romance". She's a day dreamer and a night thinker. She has locally published her own book, "Love Is You" and distributed in her own country. Her first published book narrates love and life with inspirational verses, it consists of 90 pages. Eight poems are written in English corresponding with translation in Spanish. Her first published book is in dedication of women who fight and struggle to survive with the breast cancer, this attempt made her an accomplished author. She has been bestowed upon many notable Awards and Certificates from different poetry pages writing contest. In addition, she has recently received the prestigious Diploma, the “WORLD POETIC STAR AWARD” from World Nation Writers' Union, Kazakhstan. More of her writings have been submitted and published international in different books of Anthology. One of her poems titled "My Writing, My Passion" has  been published and featured in esteemed International Multilingual E magazine, Universul Culturii, (The Universal Culture) with gratitude to Sorina Ivan, owner and editor of Universul Culturii. Concepcion has a curious mind stretched by all experiences that life threw on her way and lent beauty to her writings. She is a sunshine mixing with rain and creating multicoloured rainbow. Poetry is the soul of her emotions spoken and unspoken by the ink of her heart.