Sophia Xinyuan Zhang

Sophia Xinyuan Zhang, is a long-time supporter of community programs and city services. As an administrator, facilitator, communication manager, translator, interpreter, writer, poet, editor, teacher, actress, moderator, host and a passionate volunteer. She has planned, organized and hosted hundreds of special events, workshops, forums, seminars, and conferences. She is passionate about literacy and art, currently, she also serves as the founding chairman of WS Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society; director and board member of World Poetry Canada International, as well as about ten other non-profit organizations. She has a number of publications both in English and Chinese newspapers, magazines and various networks. Her published books include: A Feast for the Mind and Heart - Multicultural Creative Writing Collection 2015; and Commemorate Poet Luo-Fu's Life in Vancouver. She has an extensive experience of working with immigrants to facilitate multicultural education and is an effective advocate in supporting people to achieve their life goals, to have happier families, to build healthier communities, and to foster intercultural harmony.