Ibraim Džemail

Ibraim Džemail was born on August 12, 1954. In Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the Nikola Karev Gymnasium in Skopje, and then studied at St. Kliment Ohridski, also in Skopje. Iberim Dzemail is one of the founders. "Phralipe" Theater has long been an actor of the organization and as the President of the Theater. In 1979, with a group of intellectuals, he formed the downtown JBTito Club and was the club's premiere and was very active and active. In 1986, he translated Kosturicin's filename "Dom za vesanje" together with Dr. Rajko Dzuric. He published his first book of poetry "Night Scarab" and another "Restoring the roots" 2015 Ibraim Jemail translated his collection of poetry from Romany into Macedonian. He also published the German language as well as the Serbian language in Kostolac, Serbia. In June 2018, the publisher "Phoenix" from Skopje, his new book on poetry "Archaic Feelings", was published in the Roma language in Macedonian and in August in the Roma language and in English. The same book was published in July 2018 in the publishing house "Majdan" from Kostolac, in the Serbian language. In October 2018, his next book, The Gods on the Spankers, appeared in the Serbian capital of Belgrade in the Roma and Serbian languages. In Belgrade, he was awarded a literary prize "Slobodan Berberski" for his lifetime work in the field of literature. He participates in numerous events in Macedonia and abroad. Ibraim Jemail won a literary prize in February 2019 in Macedonia, on the occasion of 1000 years of Roma exodus, Ibraim Jemail participated in a conference in India on 29 and 30 November 2018. Ibraim Jemail has published numerous songs in Macedonian and international literary journals. Since 2016 he has been a member of VS-NRV. In 2017, he received a certificate for completed language course in Romani language and culture.  In December 2018, Ibraim Jemail received a diploma from Mr. Akademikera Prof.Dr. Bajar Haliti for installation Human rights of Roma and Sinti in Europe. On January 28, 2019, Mr. Jamal entered the circle of writers "Zenti" in Montenegro. Furthermore, Mr. Jemail is a member of the IRU Committee - Vorld Communiti - Romanes Vorteer in Finland and a member of the Bosnian religious community. On 25 .05 2019 y. In Cupri, he received a life-life charter in the field of underground creativity. Dzemail participated in the International Poetry Festival of the Divine Woman in Belgrade, where he received the award from Mesopotamia in 2019. He participated in the European Champion of Poetry, Romania where he receives gold medal and laureate. In June 2019, Dzemail participated in Italy in Rome "La voce die Poeti" In July he participated in the World Festival "Poetski Sitezi 2019" in Bitola. In June he received a certificate for human rights and a humantar federation from India, and he receives a certificate for universal peace from the World and Egypt.

Ibraim Dzemail from January 2019. E free artist lives and works in Germany.