Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris

Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris is a Moroccan poet and novelist.  She was born in Salé, a city in North-western Morocco, on the right bank of the Bouregreg river, opposite the national capital Rabat. She studied in an Interpreter’s school in Mons, Belgium and is now working as a teacher of English. She writes in both French and English. She has to her credit two poetry collections; one in English and another in French and a novel written in French too. She also writes stories for the youth in both French and English. In addition to that, she has been a cultural correspondent for the cultural paper ‘Firihab Aljamiaa’ for six years where she had her poems and articles published. She is a member of ‘The Bouregreg Association’ as well as a founding member and the ex-treasurer of ‘The League of Moroccan Women Writers’. She is also a founding member of ‘Le Regroupement des Poètes Francophone Engagés pour La liberté et la Paix’ a virtual group that promotes freedom and peace through poetry in French. She has taken part in four anthologies in French with le R.P.F.E.L.P and another one with Moroccan writers about the Maghreb Union. She took part in many cultural meetings; the last one was in Tetuan North of Morocco during the International Encounter of Women Writers (EIDE) where she presented her novel and read her poetry. She got two poetry prizes one in 2010 by the Delegation of Salé and another one in 2011 at the third National Poetry Festival organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2015 she got homage from the Sala Almoustaqbal Association as one of the creative women in her hometown.