Elizabeta Pavlovska

Elizabeta Pavlovska was born in 15 June , 1972 in Kumanovo, Macedonia., she is considered as one of the most original young  voices of modern Macedonian  poetry, is a member of various welfare  association at her native. She is as a gift of God those who is writing  from the duration of her elementary school period.  She participates in many competitions and literary readings, but talent doesn't  take it seriously and she is giving preference to other priorities in her life. After years in 2016   she is continued on her first collection of poems in Macedonian language named ,,Love Trembles". She Participates in international competitions and her poems are a part of many common collections of anthologies worldwide.   She is a member of the writers' association Culture Dreams Zagreb,Association of Writers Zenit, Montenegro  and the Kumanovo club on the poets. She is also a representative of "Lets the Join with Poetry", in Macedonia too. Elizabeta  is a multilingual poet, a translator, essayist and researcher in the areas of Macedonia and. Croat Literature. By profession , she is an economist , had graduated from the school of Goce Delchev Kumanovo, Macedonia. She is married and has two children. She loves nature and animals very much. Participates and supports the organization of humanitarian actions.