Nesibe Elder Velaj

Nesibe Elder Velaj was born  in Konispol of Albania on 12 April 1952 .She has graduated from the University of Luigj Gurakuqi, one of the famous and top ranked university in Albania. Faculty of Law Juridical branch and have defended her title as a lawyer.  Nezi  worked in the Ministry of Labor for Social Affairs for many years also worked in the General Directorate of Customs of Albania . She is now in retirement. Her activities  in the field of literature  is only few years that she started, for reasons of engagement at work and family and published a book with poems titled "You are also love". Nezi  have two other books in hand During this period her explosion in poetry was overwhelming In the "grandparents" competition ,  participated in poem "Sleeping honey honey" her poem was ranked in the top ten poems (ranked seventh) At the European Poetry Championship she took part with two poems are "You're one of my love" . Her  poetry have attracted the attention of literary critics. she writes on social topics mostly her own land crisis . she has been published in many newspapers, national and international literary journals, and has been included in world anthologies. He has been an active part of Civil Society in Albania.  She received training for management, projects and leadership from many international foundations .