Hongying Lin

Hongying Lin was born in Taichung City, Taiwan. She has graduated from Soochow University, Taiwan,  department of Japanese language and culture in 1995. She  bestowed with doctorate degree in Linguistics by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in Tokyo, Japan on June 2007. Currently, she is an adjunct lecturer of Kanda University of International Studies and a freelance translator among Taiwanese, Mandarin and Japanese. She enjoys her class always. Helping students to find their own style to learn a new language is a very inspiring and inspired experience. From 2017, she has been elected as the Vice President of Japanese and Taiwanese Languages and Cultures Association as well as the Vice President of Soochow University Alumini Association of Japan.She devotes herself to the international public welfare activities well these years.  Hongying Lin is considered as one of the most original voices of modern Taiwanese literature for extraordinary quality translation. She is known as a poet of multilingual and her poems in Taiwanese Han character and Latin spelling, Mandarin, Japanese and English. She loves nature and often blends the observations into the poems. She also translates poems and publishes in literature or poetry magazines worldwide.