Slavka Božović

Slavka Božović was born in 1965 in Nikšić, Montenegro, where she graduated from the School of Economics and lived and worked in her town. She is a great fan of a written poetry and known as a voice of modern Montenegroian literature. From childhood she enjoyed beautiful works of cultural activities and act  as a member of recitation poetic sections. Peoples have long been an avid reader and admirer of Slavka Božović s poetry as well as a great admirer of his poetic genius. Slavka  is an internationally known poet who publishes her poetry online on such wonderful sites usually . She has a unique way of speaking to his reader when she writes. Slavka  is a wizard with words and uses them always to inspire, uplift and enlighten her reader. Her poetry is thought provoking also and gives her readers much to think about, sometimes with regard to life, other times with regard to love, in the quieter moments of their day. She is a member of the Literary Community Vladimir Mijušković - Nikšić, Association of Free Artists of Australia, Association of Writers Zenit . Montenegro etc.  She is also a member of the Gold Team of the World Foundation, Munir Mezyed. The works are represented in common collections and anthologies at the regional, both at the European and the world level. She has received several important recognitions: Charter, Plaque, Thank You, Thank You ...At the International Competition in Poetry in 2018 and 2019 in Sinai, Romania won twice the Special Jury Prize, as well as the Certificate , Medal and Diploma, and thus showed that her poetry occupies a highly concentrated place in World Poetry. From an early age she writes from her heart,  for her soul. So far, she has published a book "The Case of the Soul" and plans some more as soon. Slavka is a mother of three grown children of Academic Citizens. Her family is the main driving force, strength and support both in the past, and for the future engagement in the field of poetry.