Alan Liew

Mr Alan Liew is a Malaysian of Chinese origin, he is a resident in Kuala Lumber,  the federal capital of Malaysia. He studied in an English school, Methodist Boys School, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Secondary school). For his higher education he studied at Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM) in Mechanical Engineering. He was a specialist in mechanical services in various various types of buildings. He was involved in the " design and specification " work such as air conditioning,  mechanical ventilation, refrigeration (cold rooms),  lifts and escalators, fighting systems,  plumbing and sanitation,  hot and cold piping systems etc. Besides being a consultant for buildings,  he was involved in the following activities 
1) he was appointed by the ministry of Labor,Manpower and Training to serve as chairman (for almost 5 years)  for the air conditioning and refrigeration section of the Lembaga Latihan Perindustrian dan Persijilan Ketukangan ( the National Industrial Trade Testing And Certification Board). He also " chaired " the committee in the drafting,  reviewing of syllabus and trade standard,  and also conducted air conditioning and refrigeration examinations in Malaysia.
2) He was a member of the steering committee for the formation of the Association of Air Conditioning Contractors and had served as " Alternate Vice President ".
3) He was elected as a treasurer for the steering committee and had assisted in the drafting and preparation of the: Bylaws and constitutions for the formation of the Local  Chapter of the American Society of Heating,  Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers.  He was also elected as a Treasurer for the Local Chapter after obtaining approval from the Register of Society. 
His interest in poetry writing started when he was in lower secondary schools (form 2),  He composed poems and had submitted to the news paper , a few of his poems were selected and published in the news paper,  the Malay Mail.  That was in the 1950s. Since then he had been continually writing poetries.  In fact he is an active blogger, and has been composting poems in his blog.  He would post his poems in the FB to share with his FB friends . His blog : tehtarikpoet.blogspot.comIn addition,  he would post his poems in various poetic forums or groups such as the Motivational Strips Group,  the Global Literary Society Group,  the (PEP)  the Pakistani English Poets groups, the Literature Lovers' Association groups, the Best Poet and Poetesses of the world group, the Whorled Wide Writers group, the Elegant Poetry group, the Bhutan Poetry And Literature group, the Soul Thoughts Poetry group,  etc, . In fact he is a member of most major poetic groups .  The various topics of poems he has written are love and romance,  nature,  global  warming and climate change,  tsunami and earthquake,  peace and anti war, charity, fairy-tales,  poems with stories,   and poems of everyday life..  etc. He is a sliver member of the, Motivational Strips and had been conferred, the award of GOLDEN DOVES OF PEACE.