Maria Do Sameiro Barroso

Maria Do Sameiro Barroso, born in Braga (Portugal) in 1951, considered as one of the most original voices of modern Portuguese poetry, is a member World Nations Writers' Union and Chief representative WNWU in Portugal. She is appointed a Chief editor journal-almanac for literature and art 'Galamshar adebieti – Global litera'.

She is a multilingual poet, a Germanist, translator, essayist and researcher in the areas of Portuguese and German Literature; also a medical doctor and a researcher of History of Medicine; Vice President of the Portuguese Pen Club between 2012-2014, Portuguese Cultural Delegate of the Poetic Lyceum of Benidorm, and Honorary Member of the Circle of Mozambican Writers in the Diaspora. Her poems are featured in over one hundred national and international journals and anthologies, published in over twenty languages. She is often invited to national and international poetry festivals.

She organizes anthologies and cultural events, being the editor of the magazine "Space of the Being - Poetry, Translation, Essay”, moderator of the Portuguese Pictorial Poetry Forum, collaborator of the Spanish digital literary Magazine “Jaula Azul”, and Portuguese translator of the “Poetry of the Week” by Point Editions. Published books of poetry: “Red Poppies, (1987, re-edition 1997); “Rose Litany” (1997); “Mnemosyne” (1997); “Imperfect Gardens” (1999); Translucent meanders (2006); Mist lovers (2007); Harvesting of the Night (2008); “An Amphora on the Horizon”, Portuguese-Castilian bilingual edition (2009); “Poems of the Endless Night”, São Paulo, Brazil (2010); “Ginger Moons” (2013); “Zéjeles de las Orillas”, Spanish edition (2013); “Carriles del Tiempo”, Spanish edition (2013); “The body, place of exile” (2013); “On the Sand of your Name” Love poems (2013); “Sleepwalking Ages” (2013); “The city of animals” Children's Poetry (2013); “Guessing the Blue”, Spanish edition (2013); The Night Silk Claws”, Prose Writings” (2013);

Autels de Dionysos, French edition) (2013); “A Country for Feeling”, English Poems (2013); “The Shell of Silence”, English Poems (2013); “Shrines of Dionysus” (2013); “Islands/Labyrinths” (2014); “Sutures of the Time” (2014); “Antidotum” Poetry (2014); “A Violin Sitting on the Ether (2014); “The city of animals” (2014); “Disquiet Lutes”. Moorish Poems (2014); “Glimpses of Turquoise” Poetry (2014); “The Balm of the forms” (2014); “Le corps, lieu d'exil” Chiendents Nº 54 (Nantes, France, 2014); Autels de Dionysos, 2nd edition (2014); “Hibiscus mansion” (2015); “Himno Intraducido” (Spanish edition, 2015); “Non Translated Hymn” 2016; “Los Molinos del tiempo”, Spanish edition (2016); “Ginger Moons”, Poems, Translations, Essays, 2nd edition (2017); Sunken Poppies (2017); "Broken String” English Poems (2018);

"Vargu I Thyer" (“Broken String”) Albanian edition and translation by Jeton Kelmendi, Iwa Bogdani, Bruxelas-Pristina; "You never live enough" Serbian edition and translation by Milutin Đuričkov, ALMA Publishers, Beograd, Serbia. Books translated into Portuguese and literary essays: Mozart's Magic Flute libretto from the facsimile of the 1st edition of 1791 in Maria do Sameiro Barroso et al. “Mozart and the Initiatory Mysteries” (2007); “Pedro Tamen, Classicism and Modernity” (2013); Ramón Fernandez Larrea “Todos os Céus do Céu” (2015); “Mozart's Magic Flute”: Translation and Essay (2016); “Silent Zithers: Women Poetry” (2016); José Pulido Navas “A Metáfora do Coração” (2016); “Anna Louise Karsch, the German Sappho” (2017); “Liu Xiaobo e Yan Lian. Poetry and Freedom” (2017); Antonio Ramirez Almanza “Selected Poems” (2018);

Milutin Đuričkov “As aventuras dos gémeos “ (2019); Jeton Kelmendi “Pensamentos em Busca dos Amores” (2019). Literary Prizes Racal Club Prize Algarve (1997); António Patricio Prize SOPEAM (Portuguese Society of Medical Artist and Writers) with the book “Imperfect Gardens” (1999); António Patricio Prize SOPEAM with the book “Harvesting of the Night” (2008); "International Prize of Poetry Iberian Word" (2009), with the original “An Amphora on the Horizon”. Shortlist of the Portugal Telecom 2011 Prize in Brazil with the book “Poems of the Endless Night” (2011).Short list of the Prize Pilar Fernandez Labrador with the book “Los molinos del tiempo” (2015); Abel Salazar Prize SOPEAM 2015 with the book “Pedro Tamen, Classicism and Modernity” (2015); Third International Prize "Versos del Pilcomayo” Bolivia and honorable mentions for poetry, micro-story and letters (2019); International Prize Pray of Mother Teresa, Literary Club “Gjon Nikkollë Kazazi, Gjakovë, Kosovo (2019).