Miao-Yi Tu 凃妙沂 - Taiwán

Miao-Yi Tu 凃妙沂, born in Tainan city of Taiwan  in 1961. She is a poet, writer, artist and is considered as one of the most original voices of modern Mandarin literature. Currently she is the congregation  of “Taiwan Literature International Communication Group”. She obtained her BT degree in Chinese literature from National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, and then went to Dharma Realm Buddhist University, USA for her advanced study . In today's contemporary world of literature , poetry has been developed and Miao' s poetry is like a whiff of fresh air and creates mind-blowing aura of its own . Her poetry has translated in many languages like Romanian, Spanish and Bengali. Her poems are featured in national and international journals and anthologies, published in various  languages. She is often invited to national and international poetry festivals. She joined Movimiento Poetas del Mundo in 2014 and participate the International Poetry Festival in Chile(2014), Taiwan(2015,2016), Bolivia(2017) and Dhaka International Poets Summit (2018). She organizes anthologies and cultural events, being the editor of the magazine and also she was an editor of famous newspaper in Taiwan for literary pages and successfully performed her duties for about 8 years . She was the prize winner in poetry of several literature awards, such as “Tayouan Literary Award”, “Taipei Literary Award”,” Lin Rung-san Literary Award”, “Nan-ying Literary Award”, “Ye-hong Female Poetry Award” etc. Her essay published “Ground is still the Garden” published in 2006 and won the first prize of Fu-cheng Literature Award in 2007. She won the first prize of “Wu Cho Liu Short Story Award” in 2011. She won the Kathaka Literary Award from Bangladesh of in 2018. Her Taiwanese poetry collection book published ”Yearning” in 2016. Her Mandarin /English bilingual poetry collection book “ The Epiphany of Feet” published in 2018. Her short stories collection book “The Black Ghost” published in 2019.