Houda Elfchtali

Houda Elfchtali is a Moroccan Poetess, she is a teacher of English in Meknes in Morocco. She is the President of Moroccan Art and Culture association ERATO and a delegate in The Maghreb countries of "Motivational strips” an international poetry forum. She is a literary consultant in the Forum of Poetry in India, Literary Guardian in" World Union Poets "/ Motivational Strips, she also works as freelance translator and she is an author of " My Words and Worlds" " Shades Of My Soul" and " The Edge Of The Blue" with contributions in American International Anthology "Divine Choir ". She is Vice President of association" 8 Mars de la peche no kill et de la preservation de la nature", Director of  "Meknes Choir",  member singer alto in Meknes  choir, member in national board of the Moroccan syndicate of creative artists ( SMAK), ex-president of the section of Meknes of "The League of Moroccan Women Writers", ex-vice treasurer of MATE ( Moroccan Association of Teachers of English ) and still active member in it. She is an award winner in different poetry international forums.