Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox, a British writer has been writing poetry since ages . He is a member of the World Nations Writes' Union. Though Visually Impaired writer, he was in love of the written word and never allowed his handicap stop him from penning his thoughts.

His acumen in bordering humour to poetry is unmatchable and unique that it has inspired many to learn and identity a new horizon in poetic verses. He was honoured as the best writer in the world 2018 by Motivational Strips Academy of literary excellence and Wisdom owing to his expertise and research into poetry. Following severe illness he has lost over half his sight but the passion for writing has continued and led him to adapt Ian currently lives on the outskirts of London, UK waiting to join his Partner and Daughter in the Philippines.

Ian Wilcox was an original member of the Administration team of the fastest growing and global Facebook group Motivational Strips. He was fundamental in its foundation and development.Though he left that role due to health issues, he still remains a major contributor in the group and respected by its administration as one pillar holding it firm and growing. Although now only being able to see three words in a line he has published two books, each for both his Partner and Daughter containing over 400 verse between them.The book has been doing well among poetic lovers. A true inspiration to world literature, he has inspired thousands with his blessed pen.