Sophy Chen

Sophy Chen, from China, poet, translater, member and Chief Chinese literature Advisor to the President and Founder of WNWU.


Sophy Chen, her name, Lihua and family name, Chen, born in Lueyang, Hanzhong, Shannxi Provinve, China, is the Chinese contemporary poet, translator, and American English “Legendary Poet”. She graduated from English Institute of Xi’an Foreign Studies University in English Literature. She is the founder of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”, “Sophy Poetry & Translation”(C-E) International Magazine and “Sophy International Translation Publishing House” and the founder and leading lecturer of “Sophy English Forum”. She began to write Chinese poetry in 1989 and English poetry in 2004, and translate Chinese Poetry into English poetry and English poetry into Chinese poetry in 2005.

She won the annual “International Best Translator” Award 2012(C-E), the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2013-2014) Translation Award(C-E), PENTASI B WORLD FEATURED POET 2018(E-E) and PENTASI B WORLD INSPIRATIONAL POET 2018(E-E). She translated and published six Chinese poetry collections into English, The Flower Swaying (2014), The Tibetan Incense(2014), The Outlook of Life (2014), The Different Tunes (2014), The Body Forward (2015), and A Poetry Biography for White Snake (2015). She published an English poetry collection, Sophy English Sonnets, Tuberose (2018). She eidited and translated “Sophy Poetry & Translation” (C-E) International Magazine. Sophy Chen is the Host-Organizer & Sponsor of CHINA WORLD POETREE FESTIVAL 2019, PENTASI B World Fellowship, Mainland China, 2019.