Dr. Sigma Sathish

A widely published poet in various national and international arena, Dr Sigma Sathish is currently an Asst Professor of English at NSS College for women, affiliated to Kerala university Trivandrum Dt.  Besides being a poet and an article writer,she is also an editor, reviewer and advisory board member in five international Journals. It could be noticed at first sight that her rich and thematically assorted poetry is characterized by ethical aspirations with an eloquent feminist, human and features of intimacy. Dr Sigma has got thirteen years of teaching experience as a Professor in India and abroad. She authored three poetry books and co authored one and co edited one. She received 'Mirabhai Literary award'  from Organization of united working Journalist forum supported by Public Relations  Department,Puri,Govt of Odisha on National Press day  2016. She is a poet delegate  in several prestigious National and international Poetry festivals.