Nasim Basiri

Nasim Basiri is an Iranian activist and poet who currently works as a graduate teaching assistant and studies a PhD in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University. Nasim’s research focuses on women’s experiences of gendered violence in the Middle East, history of gendered violence, gendered violence in Armenian Genocide, the feminist representation of women in Iranian cinema and contemporary Iranian feminist literature. Nasim was born in Borazjan, a southern town and the capital of Dashtestan county, Bushehr province, Iran in 1988 where she was grown up, went to primary, secondary and high school and taught English at Passargad Language Institute since she was a teenager. She has lived and studied in different parts of the world including Middle East, South Asia, Europe and North America and has joined the Liberal Arts College at Oregon State University in 2017.

As an activist, Nasim Basiri has appeared on various national and international platforms where she addressed issues related oppressive regimes of power, global marginalization of Middle Eastern nations and violence against women. She was a speaker in Women’s March 2018 in Oregon.