Destıny Lıght Speaks (Sreshtha Tripathi)

DESTINY LIGHT SPEAKS (SRESHTHA TRIPATHI), author, poet, painter, musician and photographer (Bird Watcher Dream Speculator, DLS), member of the World Nations Writers' Union.

She is a graduated in Commerce, Diploma in software and hardware of Computer Science, Specialized in psychology of Special Children Education, Qualified in claims of insurance (general & health), Qualified and certified in movie still photography, Qualified in acting for stage and Movies(Indian) Qualified in musical instruments [flute, tabla(drams) Spanish guitar, piano(western notation)], Qualified lyricist and vocalist,

Qualified in oil painting ....clay modeling ....carpentry. .... thus worked professionally in several exhibitions , Designer interior decorator professional, Worked with professors.... Doctors and journalists as social activist, Qualified in cooking ( Continental & Indian & fast fusion food) Qualified in knitting and also puppets and toy making professionally, Writing political views in local news journals recently, Written in small magazines stories poems and worked for school academy trusts to promote sports and vocabulary, Written in Two Novels which are available in Amazon.... Qualified in Marshall Art. ......

My belief is that life is a mystery of happiness, Though we face fear and misery life goes beyond without fear or regret with endeavors of opulent love! LOVE CONNECTS THE WHOLE WORLD!~DLS@ © DLS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED DDestiny LLight SSpeaks My Indian Name is SRESHTHA TRIPATHI MY PEN NAME IS DESTINY LIGHT SPEAKS