Agron Shele

Agron Shele, poet and famous figure of literature of the world, member and chief representative World Nations Writers' Union in Albania.

He was born on 07.10.1972 in the village of Leskaj, District Permet. After completing his 8-year school, he completed his high school studies in Tirana. From his early age he had a passion for literature. He is the author of literary works: The Beginnings (novel), Beyond the Gray Curtain (novel), False (novel), and Poetic Volume: The Passage of Innocence (poetry) and the essay book "Universal Colors".

He is the Editor of International Anthologies: "Open Lane" and "Pegasiada" and co-founder of the ATUNIS Literary Magazine. He is a member of the Writers Association of Albania, a member of the Association of Writers of the World (IWA) based in Ohio (USA) and a member of the Contemporary Global Poets, and a member of the UWP board. He was Secretary General of the International League of Poets, Writers and Artists "Pegasus" Albania. He is the organizer of the ATUNIS Poetic Galactic Board.

His prose and poetry have attracted the attention of literary critics, he writes on psycho-social topics, he has been published in many newspapers, national and international literary journals, and has been included in world anthologies: Almanac 2008, WORLD POETRY YEARBOOK 2009, 2013, 2014, The Second Genesis etc. He is also the winner of the Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Creativity Prizes - 2016). He has been an active part of Civil Society in Albania, he received training for management, projects and leadership from many international foundations such as SOROS, REC, USAID, UNDP, UNICEF, etc. He has been Chairman of the Association "Youth and Children" and "Environment in the Community". He is a Currently he lives in Belgium.