Paola Ippolito

Paola Ippolito was born in B. A, Argentna in 1974. She took part in different anthologies in the city of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba , Santa Fe, Ayacucho,  Mar del Plata y Junín among others. She was awarded both in Italy and USA. She has received honourable mentions and awards since she was 12, first, for participating in children’s literature contests, and later after devoting to poetry and testimonial stories. She was included in a collection of poems Palestine for Peace. She was also selected for the anthology Woman Scream against genre violence in Dominican Republic and in the international contest 1000 poems for peace in Colombia. Having won the first prize in the Editorial de Las Tres Lagunas literary contest, she is about to release her first book, which presents a deep social message, and is illustrated by different and well-known artists. She is international academic member of the American Academy of Modern Literature and associated academic member of the Argentinian Academy of Modern Literature (venue Cordoba). She was distinguished with the Southern Star award in recognition for her work and contribution to arts and social compromise (representing Pinamar, May 2018). As part of the Red Bench Initiative, with the purpose of raising public awareness of violence against women, released in our country by Elisa Mottini, and presented by Beatriz Regal, Paola Ippolito actively participates with a notable poem read in every opening all over the country. The poem was even shared in Miami in Expo Mujer 2018 (organised by D. Gloria Tobar) and by the media. In 2016, her testimonial Works about violence, ecology and the attacks against them were presented in the City Council of Pinamar, using an innovated format which involved the illustration of her works and their translation in Braille and sign language, allowing the inclusion for persons with different capacities. Exposición ALMA, which was reflected in the Municipal Exhibition Hall. In 2016 she was selected to participate in 5 Spanish Antho9logies, and was awarded with honourable mentions in Junín, Entre Ríos. She was awarded with 1st Prize by the German Society in Vila Gesell and La Plata; 3rd prize – poetry – in San Juan “ La identidad no se negocia” (fighting for identity rights) Honourable Mention to her two Works in the Poetry International Contest, “Premio a la Palabra 2016” Instituto Cultural Latinoamericano de Junín. In 2017  she won the 1st prize in the Story Competition “Cuentos en Tres Arroyos” organised by the well known La Voz del Pueblo paper;  Mention given by Fundación Argentina para la Poesía, three awards in Uruguay  ( Esquina Cultural / Versos compartidos y Grupo Erato)  and two more in La Plata (poetry and love letters) and participation in anthologies. She has been elected in order to integrate an anthology: 100 poets for peace and taken part with papers in a collective message for peace, shared by different poets. 3rd prize Concurso de Poesía Edea and 3rd prize in Sade Lanús.  She participated in the anthology Estado de Sitio (elected by contest, México) Honourable Mentions for her two Works "Reincide mi silencio", "La mística del caos”, International Poetry Contest   “Hermanando Palabras 2017”,  Honourable Mentions for two Works Hermanando Palabras 2017” Instituto Cultural Latinoamericano  Junín 2018. Honourable Mention (Narrative) for her Transplante at the 59th Intenational Contest “PALABRAS DESTACADAS 2018. Honourable Mention (Narrative) for her "PROFETAS DE ARENA", "SECRETOS” at the 60th International Contest of Poetry and Narrative (about peace and against children abuse). 1st Prize – narrative – at SADE ATLÁNTICA MDQ and First Mention in poetry.  Honourable Mention (Narrative and Poetry) at the 1st International Contest Carlos Casares. BA. Among her contributions to the city of Pinamar, it can be mentioned: Summer Season Opening. 2014. 2016. Public Reading at the Bendición de las aguas 2016 / 2017. Contributions during the Tribute Veterans Day and tribute to the fallen in the Malvinas War.  Contributions honouring José Luis Cabezas (journalist shot at Pinamar) for several years. Public Reading during the reopening of the theatre in 2017. Tribute 44 victims from ARA San Juan Submarine. 2018