Atiya Saeed

Atiya Saeed is of Indian origin based in Australia. A science graduate qualified in different fields, makeup artist from England, has done fashion and grooming courses from Canada and France and art, craft and painting courses from various institutes of the world. She is a business Enterapernurer and a globe trotter. Atiya saeed is an intense social worker , founder of Global Youth Foundation and runs Charitable trusts. Worker and counseller at Mother Teresas home n various other churches and orphanages. Poetry flows in her veins as she belongs to a writers family . She writes in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. She has six books to her credit in Hindi, English and Urdu poetry and short stories. She is a known name in magazines and newspapers for her writings and articles n won several awards for the same. Her compositions are mostly on love , romance, spirituality, peace, human emotions and day to day observations of life. She believes that the world stands on the pillars of love ,respect, tolerance and peace. A smile, a warm hug can speak volumes without uttering a single word.Love is the essence of our existence and heals scars, wounds and just about everything. A person devoid of love is already dead in her opinion. Poets and writers are the best source of spreading love and peace in the world with their mighty pen. Poetry is a mirror to create images of life. Atiya saeed is an interior decorator, landscaper, a bonsai artist, an event arranging chairperson, a culinary expert ,winner of numerous beauty pageants and crowns to her credit. Atiya Saeed is a nature and animal and birds lover.Treats and give asylum to wounded, sick and stray animals and birds. Also poor and needy human beings are welcome to her door at any time for food , shelter and help. Atiya Saeed has attended Alcohlic Annonymous sessions.She offers free counselling services to drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental health issues like depression, aggression, anxiety and victims of domestic violence. Her next project is to build an old age home. Atiya Saeed loves to build bridges of friendship all over the world. For her, age is only a number, you are as young and agile as you feel.
Her motto is to help and spread smiles for miles and miles. Atiya Saeed wants to die with her shoes on.