Serpil Devrim

Serpil Devrim was born in 1960 in İstanbul. Her interest and love for poetry and literature began in her middle school years. She mostly speaks English and German. She has a daughter, her named Nazli. She worked in Istanbul in an export and import  company for 15 years then she moved to Canada and lived there for 12 years. After coming back to Turkey, she started publishing her works. Her poetry books are: At the Birth of Day, One Half Is Half Done and The Road Was Ending. She has also written a book of short stories: Purple Alphabet Women, Like Water is her novel. She has won the Muammer Hacıoğlu Literary Award for her book ‘One Half is Half Done’ in April 2018. In her poetry, she focuses on social issues, inspired by real life. She also writes love poems, socialist and lyric lines. Her poems, her novel and her stories are racial, against violence and war and she reads out her poems on different radio and television channels and shared her humanist views with listeners and viewers. Her work has been translated into Russian and Bulgarian. Her poems also got place in many world anthologies and magazine. She partook at many different international poetry festivals such as: Feminİstanbul, Bodrum Bineali and Kalimerhaba. She is involved with many charities and works with disabled and homeless children. At present she lives in Bodrum. She is a member of the PEN İnternational Writers Associatıon in Turkey.