Mohamed Kouta

Mohamed Kouta, public figure and poet. He is a member and Chief represetative WNWU in Lebanon.

Executive Member and Deputy Director to Executive Board Member and Assistant Director of Lebanon, IHRC the International Human Rights Commission Middle East, He is Member of the Union protection of wildlife and marine Protection, arab League of States CBC- crops ambassador & FBC divisive command FBC Egyptian blue crescent society delegate to the command (CBC-FBC) command of the blue Cross & blue Cresent crops Ambassador of Humanity

The Casa Principesca De Souza Oliveira Brazil goodwill ambassador for peace interfaith harmony Egypt for international peace committee Pakistan He is a minister of federation of European nobles untied Italy for Arab countries He is appointed from Portuguese association president firefighters of Portugal and Portuguese voluntary firefighters associations of France. He has the humanity certified He is a advisory board executive, of African legacy international and Responsible for international cultural relations for International Union of Arab Poets and Writers MOHAMED KOUTA - PARTNER OF PACIFIST JOURNAL - CAIRO - President na empresa TEN ENERGY, Council Members na empresa Sustainable Development Commission e Ambassador na empresa Brazil Anterior: Persident ( Mermdo Internation Trading Company - Korea)