Fareeha Manzoor

Hailing from Pakistan, Fareeha Manzoor is a young poet, essayist and a lecturer by profession. A dreamer by day, she is a thinker and writer by night. She is an avid reader, a travel enthusiast and an ardent nature-lover. She developed the taste for poetry as a child and started writing at an early age of 12. She attributes her love for literature to her mother’s love for poetry. Her works deal with themes like spiritualism, Sufism, peace, self-realization, happiness, poverty, nature and humor. She dreams of a peaceful world and believes in spreading love. She is a strong believer of the power of poetry. She believes that poetry is a universal tool and language that can bring people together and promote love, peace and harmony. Her poems have appeared in US-Magazine for the Youth (The News International), ‘Muse India’ and ‘The Hans India’. Her poem ‘Shhh!!!’ was published in ‘Divided Lines—A Poet’s Stance’ by Creative Talents Unleashed (CTU). She has also contributed her poems to the anthologies like ‘Fragrance of Asia’ and ‘Queen: Global Voices of 21st Century Female Poets’.