Hela Jenayah Tekali

Hela Jenayah Tekali is an English teacher, exercising her profession at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. She is a young spiritual poetess who started writing poetry four years ago.  Mrs. Tekali is interested in a special theme in poetry which is Spiritual Philosophy. As she puts "I believe that Spirituality is the essence of human life. There can’t be a real, genuine and transparent vision of truth without a glimpse of Spirituality in our daily life and thereby, there is nothing wiser in the world than to be endowed with spiritual wisdom." "Spirituality is the Mystical face of religion…. Spirituality is the Mirror that reflects divine vision". "The soul is the essence of our existence. The human body is a mask, a mere Simulacrum. It is the soul that heals, enlightens our instinct and endows our desperate heart with energy, faith and light." "A soulless human being is like a beast wondering in a wild desert, unable to control its deep impulses, manipulates its uncontrollable desires, its intense ecstasy and its unmanageable lust after the material world." Hela Jenayah Tekali has recently published three books: Halos of Light published in June 2015, The Quest Of Love published in June 2017 And The Soaring of my Soul in February 2018.