Arianita Hoxha

Arianita Hoxha, one of most prominent poets of democratic Albania, she was born, in Tirana, its capital, on July 31 7 1973. In her early age she was heeded by the literary circles, for her passionate and sincere verse, as she won the national prize as the best young poet in a national competition with the short poem "To My Mother", since then poetry became her goal and love of her life. After a short period of time, she came back to the literary scene with three books: The Awakening of Dreams, To Sleep with Stars and Listening to the Sound of Tears, they made her one of most read authors in her native country and abroad. Hundreds and hundreds of copies sold in more than 90 countries, she is admired and supported by thousands of fans. Arianita Hoxha is a recipient of many important and prestigious literary awards, such as Excellence Albania, Pen International and her poetry has already become part of different world anthologies.