Aaqib Shaheen Mir

 Aaqib Shaheen Mir poet translator author and speaker hails from a village Litter Rajpora in Pulwama Kashmir. He was born on 14 August, 1999, he published his beautifully woven Novel "Wo Jo Khuab He Raha" (The One Which Remained a Dream), it depicts pain and sufferings prevailing in the valley of saints, is now available in the markets .He is a Co Author of many Anthologies, national and international.  He is currently studying in B.A. He loves reading and writing from the beginning. As a young man, he started his literary journey by writing many poem's and columns in kashmiri,Urdu and English. His writings have also been published globally.  Aaqib Shaheen Mir is  a member of Jkifts and and a proud  member of Asian Youth International (MUN). Aaqib Shaheen has belief and say, “Behind his pen and achievements are the prayers of his mother and heartfelt love of  his very close friends.”

Mirjana M. Stakic

Mirjana M. Stakić was born in Vladičin Han (Repuplic of  Serbia) in 1973. She graduated from the University of  Prištini Faculty of  Philology and defended her Ph.D thesis in didactics and methodology at the Teachers' Training Faculty in Užice. She works as the Associate Professor for Serbian Language with Teaching Methods the Faculty of Pedagogy in Užice (University of  Kragujevac). She is engaged in literary and scientific work. She has published more than seventy papers in the field of literature and literary criticism and participated in over forty scientific conferences and meetings, both domestic and international. She writes poetry and prose and has won two valuable literary awards for her poetic efforts. She was a long-time member of the editorial board, as well as the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Međaj. She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Učitelj and Proceedings of the Faculty of Pedagogy in Užice. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, permanent member of the Matica srpska and winner Prize for the contribution of Literature Rosetta world literature – (21. 09. 2017. in Istanbul) and winner international Prize Anne Frank (2019. in Republika of North Macedonia).

Her books are: 

  1. Птица ругалица (Mockingbird) – poetry. Београд: Витез, 2019.
  2. Ay Dansi/ Dance, Oh Moon/ Igraj, Meseče – poems. İstanbul: ARTSHOP, 
  3. Ana’nın Hikâyesi – novel. İstanbul: ARTSHOP,
  4. Ana’s Stori– novel. United States of America: Lulu Pres, Inc, 2017
  5. Đavo koji je pevao o ljubavi (The Devil That Sang about Love) – novel. Belgrade: Čigoja štampa, 2016
  6. Traži se slobodna aždaja (Free Dragon Wanted) – poetry for children. Čačak: Legenda, 2016
  7. Carstvo ždralova (Kingdom of Cranes) – poetry. Belgrade: Prosveta, 2015
  8. Lirska iskliznuća na fb zidu (Lyrical Slips on FB Wall) – short prose. Čačak: Legenda, 2014
  9. Domišljanja: antologija dečjih pesama (Imaginations: Anthology of Poems for Children) – editor, collector, preface author. Čajetina: Kulturno sportski centar, 2013
  10. Nikolaj – novel. Belgrade: Bookland, 2013
  11. Hanina kći (Hanna's Daughter) – novel. Čačak: Legenda, 2011
  12. Anina priča (Ana's Story) – novel. Čačak: Legenda, fourth reprint 2011, third reprint 2008, second reprint 2006, first reprint 2005, first published in 2004.
  13. Hajdučica (She-brigand) – novel. Čačak: Legenda, second reprint 2010, first reprint 2006, first published in 2005
  14. Izgubljene duše (Lost Souls) – novel written in collaboration with Josif Grubović. Čačak: Legenda, 2008
  15. Povratak Odiseja (The Return of Odysseus) – short stories. Čačak: Legenda, 2007
  16. Kiselo grožđe (Sour Grapes) – novel. Čačak: Legenda, first reprint 2007, first published in 2006
  17. Srce (Heart) – radio drama, premiered on Radio Belgrade in January 2006
  18. Samovanje (Solitude) – poetry. ruma: Srpska knjiga, 2004
  19. Mandragora (Mandrake) – poetry. Užice: ART, 1999
  20. Noćne ptice (Nocturnal Birds) – poetry. Priština: Studentski kulturni centar, 1998



Luca Ariano

Born in Mortara (PV) in 1979, Luca Ariano now lives in Parma. He published the collection of poems Twilight Glows in the Dark in 1999. Several of his poems have appeared in magazines, blogs and literary sites on the internet. He collaborates with the magazines «Atelier», «Racna» and is editor of «Le Voci della Luna». In 2005, one of his plaquette was released in La coda della galaassia (Fara) and his second collection of poems Bitume d’intorno, with a preface by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, for the Edizioni del Bradipo di Lugo di Romagna. With Enrico Cerquiglini he edited the anthology Near the clouds on the collapsed mountain for Campanotto (2008). In 2009 a part of his plaquette Contract a term was published in La borsa del viandante edited by Chiara De Luca (Fara). Also in 2009 he edited the anthology Pro / Testo (Fara) with Luca Paci. In 2010 for the Farepoesia editions of Pavia, the plaquette Contract a term with a note by Francesco Marotta was released. In 2011 with Marco Baj for Officine Ultranovecento he published the artist's book Tracce nel Fango. Also in 2011 with Ultranovecento in the box Maps for an elsewhere he published Tempi Sospesi - Temps suspesos (4 poems by Luca Ariano, translation into Catalan by Imma Puig Cuyàs and 1 Photolithography from original pastels on paper by Gabriella Di Bona) and 5 degrees before the return with Martino Neri In 2012 the poem I Resistenti was released for Edizioni d'If, written with Carmine De Falco, one of the winners of the Russo - Mazzacurati prize. In 2014 for Prospero Editore he published the e-book La Renault by Aldo Moro with a preface by Guido Mattia Gallerani. In 2015 for Dot.com.Press-Le Voci della Luna he published Ero Elsewhere with an afterword by Salvatore Ritrovato and notes by Ivan Fedeli and Lorenzo Mari, finalist at the 2015 Gozzano Prize. In 2016 at the Versante Ripido / LaRecherche series. it Bitume d'intorno e-book was released with a note by Enea Roversi. In 2018 for Qudu a new edition of Term Contratto was released with a preface by Luca Mozzachiodi. Also in 2018 with Giancarlo Baroni he coordinated the anthology Testimonials of poetic voices: 22 poets in Parma published by Puntoacapo. His poems are translated into French, Spanish and Romanian.

Alessio Zanichelli

Dr. Alessio Zanichelli studied literature and philosophy between Italy and Switzerland, writes for the journal of contemporary literature Atelier; he is the heir of the poet Attilio Zanichelli and has recovered his work with his last academic studies, with a view to a future publication of the  unpublished poems. He is a collaborator of the initiative #iostoacasaequestaseravileggounapoesia by Emanuela Rizzo. He organized and moderated several poetic meetings on social networks. He has written several articles on the #iostoacasaequestaseravileggounapoesia initiative published in various newspapers and blogs on the web. He has participated in various events as a reader and interpreter of poetic texts.

Liljana Gega

Liljana Gega was born and raised in beautiful Tirana, the capital of the Republic of Albania, where she received her education at all levels of education up to Social Sciences. Tirana has been very active both for children and youth, which, Liljana has been active in many obligations, in music, drawing, acting, dancing, and poetry competitions. She continued to work in the library, then in her Library as an owner, she has always been close to books and never neglected books and poetry, she participated actively in poetry competitions and consequently she has won several prizes and more than often, her poems have been published in many national newspapers, her interviews and poems also have been published on many other portals. She has been recognized most recently Ambassador of Peace, she s very active, wherever she works. In the acting group, Rrikthimi, she performs her role as an actress, she has contributed in many beautiful dramas which have been shown, in Tirana, Poetry is her craze she partook many poetry reading session, and celebrated poetry evenings.