Oluwole Odujebe

Oluwole Odujebe is a prolific poet and writer, an architect and an internationally certified project manager. An adept writer of many years of interesting journey in literature. Literature is my love and passion! I have to my credit many amazing poems that come with several awards and publications at different fora. Publications. Eclipse published on RHAPSODY an anthology of Konnect E-zine. His distinctions are: Poet of the Day Award from Konnect E-zine Poemarium's Poet of the Fortnight Critical Pen's Group Essay Contest - First place. English Poets' Medal of Participation Professional Affiliations: Moderator at Konnect E-zine Member of World Nation Writers' Union One of the founding members of International African Writers Association Editor at Sicilnews Member and Safety Warrior of World Literary Forum of Peace and Human Right.

Veronica Valadez Lopez

Veronica Valadez Lopez hails from Mexico, she is Master in Education from University of La Salle, Bajío, she has also earned a degree in Communication Science from the same university. She also qualified Diploma in Political Science from Universidad Iberoamericana. She has 20 year educational experience and 25 year experience in the Journalism area, some of her experience is overlapping because she did both of the jobs simultaneously, she performed coordinating activities with Professional Associations, Public Relations, also worked as an announcer, writer and poet.

She has an apt experience of working with several bodies, she worked at Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union as a head of the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Chamber of Deputies at the Federal Level. She worked at the Secretariat of Education of Guanajuato and as a head at the Directorate of Professional Associations. She has some experience in editing, writing and administration.

She worked with COMUDE San Francisco as Social Communication Coordinator. She spent six years at Universidad de La Salle, Bajío Campus Francisco and worked as Titular Spanish teacher, during this period she rendered her services in administration, teaching and imparted training in pedagogy to the fresh entrants. She worked with Association of Mexican Women Entrepreneurs, Pueblos del Rincón as Vice President and served with administration to manage human resources. She went on skipping from one organization to another following her career and better opportunities. She also worked with Meridiano Journalistic Company as Journalist and Magazine Editor and with Municipal Presidency of Purísima del Rincón as Director of Social Communication. She has been an announcer on Radio 13, Nova Radio and Acropolis and Adrómeda Radio. On account of her Literary Work she obtained Honorable Mention and was a finalist in the 64th International Poetry and Narrative Contest and Contest 2019 in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina; she has been a participant of the Anthologies "Letras por el mundo 2019" and "Autores Selectos 2019" in Argentina, winner of the 2nd. Place of the Poetry Contest in Venado, Argentina, obtained recognition in the "Poetry Contest of the Pilar", Spain. She was distinguished as a "Teacher-Writer" by the H. Ayuntamiento de San Francisco del Rincón. Representative of Mexico in the V International Poetry Festival of Madrid 2019 and participant of the International Anthology "De mil aromas", participant of the Anthology of Guanajuatenses Writers "Letras Interiores", the anthology Danza Entre Niebla (Spanish-Zapotec), in addition to a large number of participations in national and international magazines, among them "Letras Interiores", "Ecos Literarios" from Guanajuato, MEUI Magazine from Querétaro and Azahar Magazine from Spain. She has been a collaborator and in-charge of the area of ​​correction and style of literary translation projects with writers from Jordan and Iraq and of the magazine “GOGO” of San Francisco del Rincón, and Editor-in-Chief of the Multicultural Magazine “Los Derviches”. In the last February she was the winner of the 1st Place for Poetry, in the International Short Story and Poetry Contest of Peru 2020 and participant in this month of April of the 1st Virtual Literary Encounter between India and Mexico with the presence of the Ambassadors of both countries and winner of the 2020 Research Award, “Ana María Agüero Melnyczuk” from Argentina.

She has received an honour ‘Sunflower Woman Ambassador’ by the ABSORBAEX Association of Madrid, recognition of her work by the Professional Associations of the State of Guanajuato 2020, Recognition by the Global Human Rights Peace Foundation by Shafer Rahman Chairperson, and appointment "Paragon of Hope" by the Tony Peace Foundation Canada and Hera Foundation and Tony TV Canada, New York, USA.

Jaroslaw Pijarowski

Jaroslaw Pijarowski is a Polish avant-garde artist, art curator and founder of Teatr Tworzenia (Theater of Creation). He creates contemporary music, poetry, photography, fine arts and theatre-music spectacles. He is honorary curator of Museum of Diplomacy in Poland. Pijarowski is a juror at the Interdisciplinary Festivals of the Arts in Poland and a recipient of a few European awards e.g. World United Creator – Platinum Demiurge Award.  He received a lot of diplomas and awards e. g. Klemens Janicki-IANICIUS,  The Merits of Polish Culture. He is an organizer of over 50 exhibitions and performances all over the world (USA, Poland, Germany, Malta, China, Thailand, Bangkok). His work was showed in many notable national galleries and festivals all over the world. His Art Books (Pijarowski - 7, and Pandemonicon) are on exhibition in Museum of Book Art in Poland. Pijarowski presented and published his own poems on many places e.g. China, Germany and on Yale Club of New York City in USA. During The 3rd-International Peace Summit 2019 at Century Park, Sheraton Hotel, Manila, on November 30, 2019, he received from the Paramount Sultan of the Philippines - HH Sultanali Ampaso Umpa the nobility title: Prince (Royalty World Peace Advocate). From 2020 he is an Ambassador At - Large to Republic of Poland, of International Human Rights Organization.

Ipsita Ganguli

Ipsita Ganguli is a moderator with Motivational Strips, worlds most active writers forum and based at its India’s office. She is the recipient of the coveted Independence Day Honour from Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy in 2020. She describes herself as a student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believes that there is never any stop to learning. She is a “people’s person” and relishes connecting with a variety of lives. A quintessential Indian who rejoices in the diversity of the nation, a global citizen as the world gets smaller with the onslaught of virtual reality, and a passionate Calcuttan with all the pleasures and pains associated with this incredible city of woes and vows. A student of Modern High School for Girls, Ipsita graduated from Presidency College ( now University) with Political Science Honours and then did her Post Graduation in International Relations from Jadavpur University. She then had a 20 years career in the corporate world, of which the first five were with telecom and logistics and the next fifteen with luxury hotels like Oberoi Hotels, ITC Hotels and the Marriott Group of Hotels. She was posted as a part of the Executive Committee of the as Director Sales & Marketing of the JW Marriott Kolkata, she has now embarked into the Entrepreneurial world. As a compulsive writer, she started scribbling her emotions at the back of a notebook or on a tissue paper. On account of her craze for poetry, she has been included into several poetry groups and started contributing to e-magazines like Learning and Creativity, Different Truths, Tuck Magazine, Open Poetry Archive, Kaafiya etc. Ipsita has coedited an e-anthology on Bonded Labour for Different Truths. Her poems have been published in several anthologies like Life Nama. Rhythm Divine Anthology, Cloudburst: A Womanly Deluge, and Muffled Moans. Ipsita debuted with her solo compilation of poems with” Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” which was launched in the Kolkata Book Fair 2017 and is available for Sale on Amazon.in, samparkglobal.in and in select stores all over the city. She has recently acted as one of the leading actors in the unique Poetry Film Kolkata Cocktail which also showcases her poetry, her other passion is travelling as well. Being a part of the Travel Tourism industry for 15 years, Ipsita has combined her passion for travelling and wrote travelogues which evolved her into a Travel-Columnist, especially on Heritage destinations. Her travelogue  have been extensively published by Get Bengal and Window on Travel.

Vandana Sudheesh

Vandana Sudheesh hails from India. She was born and brought up in Kerala State, from the southern part of India. She has been an active member of Motivational Strips sharing her profound and mystical poetry. She is a house wife currently and a mother to a four year old child. She has been pursuing poetry influenced by eminent writers across the globe, from a very young age. During her schooling she has bagged many prizes in literary competitions. She pursued her graduation program BBA from Providence Women’s College, Calicut and later was admitted to Amity University for undertaking Post Graduation program MBA with a dual specialization in Finance and Operations & IT. She pursued her career as a banker and worked as an   Assistant Manager for 5 and half years. Recently after resigning from the job she has again started pursuing her favourite passion (writing).In August 2020 she published her first solo authored book on poetry named ‘THE HUMBLE WRATH”. She has been a part of four anthologies till today, they are POETS UNIFY WORLD( releasing soon) from Motivational Strips, PASTELS SHADES OF LOVE,DHONI-AN IRREPLACEABLE LEGEND & AROMA OF NOTION by Oxigle Press and many more to come. Her poems has been published in Bharath Vision Online Literary Magazine - a subsidiary of Motivational Strips.