Answers to the questions most frequently asked of president of the "World nation writers' union"

1. What you need "World nation writers' union"?

It is known that the all countries have their "World nation writers' union" . In addition, there are dozens of community countries and regions in the world, international, regional and the International Union of Writers.The Union of Writers and the peoples of the world - the only union on its own. Our goal, and other objects, such as the Union of writers, poets, writers, journalists, began a large creative environment combined their artistic works, especially to promote the work of young writers in more detail. On the other hand, the authors are still involved to share experiences and achievements on the anniversary enjoy each other and be able to take part in the new environment in presentations. Our problem - make popular our members not only in Kazakhstan but also in many countries.

2. What can give"World nation writers' union"?

First of all, membership card and badge. Second, the global Internet networks as soon as the source of the mass of the authors of their biography and a list of books to be Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese languages will be published on the website Provide information on new books. Congratulated the owners of anniversary. Announce the presentation of new works. Scholars and critics' opinions, reviews, interviews, comments in a new book on the other has been in the news again. Union will allow participation in various projects. Here in these issues will be able to fulfil the promise.

3. When opened"World nation writers' union"?

Started on 18 September2014. Today, there is general representative in Russia, in Moscow. In addition, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China resolved the appointment of a representative. Europe and the United States in the literature consultant, East Asia and in the literature has been appointed the chief consultant and started to work. Uzbek literature to Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan and Uighur literature, Turkish literature for consultants to perform their duties.

4. Who can be a member of"World nation writers' union"?

Who have reached the age of eighteen, twelve printed pages (A5, 160 pages) prose, poetry, ethnic, educational, journalistic or literary works, published a critical book about himself, published in newspapers in the country, often living in the full payment of any required fee Any citizen of the Union country (poet, novelist, journalist, playwright, etc.) can be a full member.

5. What is if the writer under eighteen?

Write a literary work from an early age, region, country or at the international level has become a popular writer who has reached the age of fourteen, his parents, a relative of the responsible person of students under the age of eighteen years may be a full member of the union.

6. Where and how payment is paid?

Writers who live far from Almaty, the membership fee pays special current account of the lack of a writer who lives in the settlement of the Bank (depending on the complexity of the rest of the money transfer) by contacting the organizer himself may have been the best transfer account. Money resources Almaty Writers can pay cash. And some want the Union of Writers of foreign requisites.

7. What documents are needed for people who want to become a member of the society?

1. Write a statement to the President of the Union (or writers living abroad, away from the scan and send a copy of the complaint), or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. A copy of the identity document (passport);

3. Photo;

4. A brief biography and a list of books published;

5. Prose, poetry and journalistic work in the electronic version for published in site (if available in Kazakh, English, Russian or Chinese), A4 template when 14 bold, must not exceed 30 pages;