Dear Poets and Writers of the World! Only you decorate our sacred temple – World Nation Writers' Union!!!

Dear Official Poets and Writers World Nations Writers’ Union and all Poets, Writers World!!!

I feel utmost pleasure in announcing that we today have planned to start our online literary contest to declare "Temirqazyq- the Best Poet Of World, 2017" and "Temirqazyq - The Best Writer Of The World, 2017" and now I want to describe ‘Temirqazyq’. Our ancestors considered the Polar Star as the main shaft of our galaxy, that is, our world which we now live in. If it is translated into Kazakh, it becomes ‘Temirqazyq’. I don’t know the reason but I never stopped loving this star.

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Answers to the questions most frequently asked of president of the "World nation writers' union"

1. What you need "World nation writers' union"?

It is known that the all countries have their "World nation writers' union" . In addition, there are dozens of community countries and regions in the world, international, regional and the International Union of Writers.The Union of Writers and the peoples of the world - the only union on its own. Our goal, and other objects, such as the Union of writers, poets, writers, journalists, began a large creative environment combined their artistic works, especially to promote the work of young writers in more detail. On the other hand, the authors are still involved to share experiences and achievements on the anniversary enjoy each other and be able to take part in the new environment in presentations. Our problem - make popular our members not only in Kazakhstan but also in many countries.

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