Vice President of the WNWU in Kazakhstan


Dr. Ezhil Vendhan Vice President WNWU in Kazakhstan

Dr. Ezhil Vendhan, member of the World Nations Writers' Union and Vice President of the World Nations Writers' Union in Kazakhstan.

He is a celebrated poet from India and he writes in English and Hindi besides, in his mother tongue Tamil. He is author of two published poetry collections and many of his poems find place in many International Poetry Anthologies. The poem entitled 'Banyan Tree’ is an acclaimed masterpiece of Dr.Ezhil Vendhan’s writings. Its original version was in Tamil Language and it was selected as the best Tamil Language poem during the Multi -Lingual Poets Symposium 1995 held in New Delhi in conjunction with the Indian Republic Day.

The poem has been translated into eighteen languages and simultaneously broadcasted around the world by the All India Radio channel on the eve of India’s Republic Day immediately after the Indian President's official address to the nation. This poem was translated into Hindi by Bhasha and was later published at the Central Hindi Directorate of India. Later, it was translated into Kannada language and was published by the Karnataka Sahithya Academy in the magazine Aniketana. The poems, ‘To be born a Woman’ and ‘River’ were translated from their original Tamil Language into Punjabi and Kannada languages.

These translated versions were later published in the Kannada Literary magazine Aniketana which was launched by the Punjabi Sahitya Academy in Ludhiana along with the Central Classical Institute of Tamil Language. The poem ‘River’ in its original version was published in the magazine Tamilarasu by the Tamil Nadu Government, whilst the Kannada version was published by the Karnataka Sahithya Academy literary magazine of the Karnataka government. These accolades were given at a crucial point when there was a river water dispute existing between the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Another much said about poem is titled ‘Mother Teresa’ which was published by the official website of Saint Teresa. This poem, being the first depicting the wonder of the Saint Mother received admirations and compliments from the Missionaries of Charity headquarters during the centenary celebration of the Saint Mother. Furthermore, this poem written in Tamil was launched at the Symposium of Poets in October 1976 and broadcasted through the All India Radio Channel on 4th January 1977, during the college days of the poet. He lives in Chennai – India and can be reached at his email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.